A member of the Vojvodina generation that won the Central European Cup in 1977, Vasa Rutonjski, after a long and severe illness, passed away last night at the age of 68.

Vojvodina football club thus remained without another of its great and significant players, who, by wearing its jersey, made an invaluable contribution to the creation of club history.

Vasa Rutonjski was born on October 5, 1952 in Novi Sad, where he started his football career at FK Slavija. He played for Vojvodina from 1970 to 1979 and played 253 official matches during that time, making him the tenth-ranked player on eternal club list by the number of matches played. He was a member of the great generation that won the Central European Cup in 1977, as well as those which, two years earlier, had earned the title of Yugoslavian runner-up, and only just in the last round had lost, in the opinion of many, a deserved league title.

Also, four years ago, Vasa Rutonjski was one of the founders of the officially registered Veterans Section of FK Vojvodina and actively participated in its work until the illness separated him from his friends and former teammates.

To Vasa Rutonjski’s family, his friends and all who knew him, the Vojvodina Football Club and its Veterans Section express their sincere and deepest compassion.

A memorial service regarding his death will be held on Monday at 1 pm in the ceremonial hall at FC Vujadin Boškov in Veternik, while the funeral will be held on the same day at 3 pm at Novi Sad Cemetery.