Yesterday, veterans of Vojvodina visited the village of Golubinci near Inđija, where they attended the celebration of the 99th birthday of the local Jadran Football Club.

On that occasion, a match was played between the Veterans Sections of the two clubs, and the end result, just like the match itself, was friendly – 2-2. It can be said that the spectators had the opportunity to enjoy a really nice and interesting football show, in which were seen some really top football moves that could be linked even to current players from strong European leagues.

Of course, after the match ended, the socializing followed by the music was continued at a nearby restaurant, where the President of the Vojvodina Veterans Section, Vasa Pušibrk, presented special gifts to the Director of the Vojvodina Development Fund Goran Savić, the President of the FK Jadran Dragan Đukić and the President of the FK Jadran Veterans Section, Đorđe Stanković, who all also reciprocated with beautiful and appropriate gifts, among which especially prominent was the artistic painting depicting two pigeons, as a synonym for the name of the village – Golubinci. In the restaurant also showed up former Vojvodina player and current Inđija member Brana Ilić, who was born and raised in Golubinci.

President of the Veterans Section of FK Vojvodina Vasa Pušibrk thanked the hosts for their hospitality and expressed hope that a meeting between the veterans of the two clubs will soon be organized at FC Vujadin Boškov in Veternik, while, on behalf of the host, FK Jadran President Dragan Đukic thanked the expedition of Vojvodina on the fact that with their arrival and playing this game they magnified the celebration of his club’s 99th birthday.

In this match, for the veterans of the Old Lady played: Leskovac, Ćurko, Bakić, Govedarica, Filipović, Belić, Rašiovan, Čeković, Vranješ, Tanović, Cilinšek, Nikolić, Đukić and Grujin, and goals were scored by Belić and Vranješ.