Footballers of Vojvodina this morning had a new training on preparations in Belek. After a period of very bad weather conditions, the sun shaded the Antalya region today and brought a temperature of ideal 16 degrees. Red and whites used it for good and hard work, during which, after exercising in the gym, on the pitch of the Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek hotel worked mostly on improving the realization in front of the goal and solving the situations “one on one” and “two on one”. As a result of an injury, Liberian Seku Conneh practiced only at the gym, while Aleksandar Mesarović and goalkeeper Nikola Simić trained together with other team mates and without any problems endured all efforts.

At today’s training in Vojvodina there was no Ecuadorian Ronaldo Villa, who in the last few days has been on a trial in the “old lady”. After the meeting of the Manager Radovan Krivokapić with the members of the sport sector of the club, it was decided that Villa will not be offered a professional contract, so he has returned the equipment of Vojvodina and will soon go for a new trial, this time in the Macedonian Rabotnicki. The decision of FC Vojvodina is such that only a football player who could immediately bring additional qualities to red and whites can be engaged in the position of a striker, and in the case of Villa, even though there is an agreement that he possess a certain talent, it is considered that he would still need time to reach its full potential, and for that reason it was decided that the club, for now, will rely for the forwards who are already in its squad.

Already this afternoon, Vojvodina players will have a new training, while tomorrow, divided into two groups, red and whites will have one training and one game each. At 11 am by Serbian time, red and whites will meet with Csikszereda Miercurea Ciuc from Romania, a member of the third division in that country, while footballers who are expected to be the main players of the “old lady” in the spring part of the season, at 3 PM by Serbian time, will play against Enisey from Krasnoyarsk, currently the last team on the table in the Premier League of Russia.