For the second time in two days, it was wonderful at the Karađorđe stadium. On Wednesday, about 2,000 Vojvodina fans on the west stand of the stadium enjoyed watching their team win the second Serbian Cup trophy in the history of the club against Partizan, and today, in approximately the same number, and even slightly more, Vojvodina fans gathered to greet the players of the Old Lady and paid tribute to them for the remarkable success they had achieved.

Of course, in addition to the players, the members of the coaching staff were also greeted, and, logically, the boss Nenad Lalatović received the biggest applause. The whole event took place in a fantastic, celebratory atmosphere, with fireworks, songs, but also torches lit by both fans and players of the Old Lady, including coach Lalatović.

The trophy was brought to Vojvodina fans by goalkeeper Emil Rockov, who thanked them for the support they provide to the red and whites.

– There is too much emotion for me to talk a lot, so I will only say that our team is made up of brave, great guys, who love football and their friends very much. We won the cup precisely because we were friends in the finals for all 120 minutes. I am extremely happy for this generation, and thank you for your support. We would not have done it without you, nor without our staff and management. I am very glad to say that the Cup is ours again and that we returned it to Novi Sad – said Rockov.

Captain Nikola Drinčić also received special applause, who, after the finals, handed the ribbon to Emil Rockov and thus enabled him to lift the trophy and realize his boyhood dream.

– Thank you for coming in such a large number and I hope we have brought you at least a little joy. Now is the time to celebrate, and in 10 days, we will start working on doing something even more. Thank you all – said Drinčić.

Tonight, the Manager Nenad Lalatović was full of emotions, and he, as always, said from the heart everything he feels and thinks.

– We would never have won this if it weren’t for you. You were our wind in the back and here at Karađorđe and you rightly didn’t come there. We have supported you. I want to thank these wonderful guys of mine, because they are, along with you fans, the strength of our club. They left their hearts on the pitch. It was not easy to bring the trophy here from that hatch of Partizan fans, but we showed them that we are not afraid of them, that we are stronger and better than them and that is why this trophy came here to Novi Sad – Lalatović pointed out.

The Manager of the Old Lady especially thanked the fans for always being and staying with him.

– On my own behalf, I want to thank you for everything. From the first day I came, you accepted me as if I was born and raised here, and I feel as if I was born here, that is, as if I grew up in FK Vojvodina. When I came here, I said that I would give 200 percent of myself for Vojvodina. That’s what I did, and my players, and the club’s management, and the fans. We promised you a trophy and we brought you a trophy, because it belongs to the city of Novi Sad – Lalatović said.

After his speech, a joint photo shoot of the players in front of the stand with the fans followed, and after that, many sympathizers of the Old Lady entered the athletics track to take pictures with the players and coach Lalatović. After the official part of the event was over, Nenad Lalatović, Emil Rockov, Nikola Drinčić, Miljan Vukadinović and others stayed on the pitch of Karađorđe stadium for a long time and patiently waited to meet every fan who wanted to take a picture with them and the trophy.

A day for history and unforgettable memory.