Vojvodina has beaten Spartak today by 2-1 (1-1) in a friendly match played in Veternik.

In front of about 150 spectators at FC Vujadin Boškov, the scorer for Spartak was Šormaz in 15th, while goals for Voša were scored by Gemović in the 18th and Vukadinović in the 69th minute.

Teams performed in the lineups:

Vojvodina: Simić (from 46th Toroman) – Stojković (from 46th Constantin), Đurišić (from 60th Čović), Saničanin (from 46th Bjeković), Devetak – Topić (from 46th Stojsavljević) – Đuričin (from 46th Vincent), Bojić (from 46th Nešković), Zukić (from 46th Kokir), Gemović (from 46th Vukadinović) – Matić (from 46th Mrkaić).

Spartak: Dubljanić (from 46th Dokić) – Shimura, Milošević, Otašević (from 46th Vidović), Tekijaški (from 46th Milutinović) – Vidaković (from 46th Jočić, from 66th Vidaković), Marčić (from 46th Milić), Tufegdžić (from 46th Andrezinho), Šormaz (from 46th Lučić) – Gojkov (from 46th Bijelović), Nikolić (from 46th Vujanović).

The team from Subotica took the lead in the 15th minute, when Tufegdžić made a great run through the defense of Vojvodina and then added the ball to Šormaz, who easily overcame Simić from around seven meters distance.

However, their lead lasted only three minutes, as Vojvodina soon equalized. On the right side, Stojković sent a cross into the penalty area, where Gemović accepted the ball and made a precise shot behind the goalkeeper Dubljević’s back.

From that moment on, the game took place mostly in the middle of the pitch, with no real chances, but in the 69th minute, Voša scored another goal. At around 20 meters from the Spartak’s goal, a free kick was awarded to the red and whites, and Vukadinović took a shot over the wall and brought an adventage to the Old Lady.

By the end of the match, it was played aggressively and openly on both sides, but there were no new opportunities in front of the goal, so Vojvodina achieved a victory.