Vojvodina was defeated today by Spartak with the result 0-1 (0-0), in a friendly match played in Veternik.

In the game that was played without the presence of spectators in FC Vujadin Boškov, the scorer of the only goal was Denković in the 53rd minute (p).

The teams performed in the lineups:

Vojvodina: Rockov (from 46th Simić) – Andrić (from 70th Mirić), Bralić (from 70th Jeličić), Saničanin (from 70th Stojsavljević), Đorđević (from 70th Devetak) – Drinčić (from 70th Stojković), Topić (from 70th Čović) – Vukadinović (from 70th Nešković), Bojić (from 70th Đuričin), Gemović (from 70th Kokir) – Mrkaić (from 53rd Zukić).

Spartak: Dokić (from 46th Dujmović) – Dunđerski, Milošević, Vidović (from 46th Ivančević), Tekijaški – Jočić (from 62nd Lazić), Marčić, Tufegdžić, Denković (from 83rd Jovanović) – Srećković (from 56th Bijelović), Nikolić.

The beginning of the match was marked by a balanced game between the two teams, during which neither team managed to create a serious opportunity in front of the opponent’s goal. The first good chance in the game followed in the 36th minute, when Bojić played a good pass in the penalty area to Vukadinović, and he shot from only ten meters distance, but goalkeeper Dokić, after the ball bounced off the post, managed to stop it on goal line.

On the other hand, only two minutes later, after a good cross by Tekijaški, a header from ten meters was sent by Tufegdžić, but the ball went over the bar. Then Voša had a chance again, when, in the 50th minute, Drinčić sent the ball in front of Spartak’s goal, and Gemović shot from only a meter away, but even then the ball went over the bar.

In the 52nd minute, a penalty was awarded to Spartak. After the corner for the away team, there was a duel between Đorđević and Tekijaški in the penalty area, and the referee Nikola Radaković estimated that it was a foul of Vojvodina’s player. Denković was the scorer from the penalty, who thus brought his team into the lead.

By the end of the match, the ball was more often in the possession of Vojvodina players, while Spartak mostly tried to double its advantage from the counterattack, but there were no new serious opportunities, so the victory was achieved by the team from Subotica.