After they arrived last night and settled in the hotel “Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek”, footballers of Vojvodina this morning did their first training in Turkey.

Due to yesterday’s exhausting trip, the recommendation of the coaching staff was that at the first training only stretching exercises and light running and warming should be done, and so, divided into two groups, the players first had training in the gym, and then they went out on the pitch of the hotel in which they are staying at.

Under the supervision of fitness trainers Aleksandar Jankovic and Milovan Knezevic, all the players were responsible and committed to doing all the tasks that were set in front of them, and it is expected that the intensity of work will be a little stronger in the afternoon, with more work involved with ball.

By the way, the Antalya region, which includes the coastal town of Belek, was hit yesterday by a very strong storm, followed by a large amount of rain and a very strong wind, which caused the flight of the Vojvodina players from Istanbul to Antalya to be late for about an hour. Fortunately, after the arrival of the expedition of Vojvodina to Antalya, the situation has calmed down, and today, although the weather is still cloudy, fortunately there is no rain, and the Manager Radovan Krivokapić and his associates hope that it will stay like that, so they could implement all their ideas and work plan for these preparations.