Vojvodina has beaten Radnik today by 1-0 (0-0), in round 19 of Super League of Serbia.

In front of around 500 spectators at Karađorđe, the only goal scorer was Petar Bojić in 61st minute.

Teams performed in the lineups:

Vojvodina: Rockov – Stojković, Veselinović, Saničanin, Devetak – Drinčić, Topić – Nešković (from 46th Đuričin), P. Bojić, Gemović (from 82nd Đurišić) – Vincent (from 61st Zukić).

Radnik: I. Kostić – M. Kostić, Jokić, Marković (from 14th B. Bojić), Stevanović (from 55th Pavlović) – Đorđević, Dimitrić (from 76st Stamenković), Kričak, Stanisavljević – Tomić, Pavlov.

Radnik had the first opportunity already in the first minute, when a good cross from the left was used by Đorđević to send a header, but the ball went past the goal of Vojvodina. On the other side, the red and whites could take the lead in the 20th minute after a penalty.

In Radnik’s penalty box, Đorđević fouled Gemović, and referee Dragan Čolović called for a penalty for Voša. The penalty was taken by Veselinović, but Ivan Kostić defended his shot and the result remained unchanged.

A new opportunity was awaited until the last minute of the first half, when, after a corner kick for Radnik, Bojan Bojić had the opportunity to get his team into lead, but instead, from a distance of around ten meters, he sent the ball across the Vojvodina’s goal.

On the other side, Voša responded in the 59th minute when Stojković came in from the right and played a pass to Vincent, who shot from around seven meters distance, but the ball hit the outside of the net. In the next attack, after a double pass with Vincent, Đuričin had a chance, but he also shot out of the goal range. However, in the 61st minute, the red and whites came into the lead.

Stojković came into the penalty box from the right and played a good pass in front of the goal to Zukić, who took a shot, the goalkeeper Ivan Kostić defended, but the ball then bounced to Bojić, who easily sent it into the net.

From that moment on, the game was played mainly in the middle of the pitch, and the ball was more often in possession of Vojvodina, who’s players tried several more times to threat the goal of Radnik, but without success. Still, the goal which they scored was enough to record their fourth consecutive win and retain second place in the standings.