“Watch out, Voša is trampling: Sensation in Turin, Sampdoria – Vojvodina 0-4”, “Scary Vojvodina humiliated Sampdoria”, “Novi Sad magic enchanted Italy: Vojvodina knocked out Sampdoria with 0-4!”, “Voša held a lesson for Sampdoria”, “For history: Vojvodina defeated Sampdoria!”, “For history: Sampdoria – Voša 0-4!”, were just some of the headlines after that famous match between Sampdoria and Vojvodina in Turin, which was played on this day, exactly five years ago. That and the next day, Voša was an absolute and not only a sports topic in our public.

That evening, the Old Lady of Serbian football seemed so powerful and superior to the incomparably more expensive team from Genoa, which rarely experienced something like that even in matches against “their”, Italian Old Lady from Turin.

First, at the very beginning of the game, with a great combination of Stanisavljević and Ivanić, the complete defense of the home team was overcomed, and Ivanić brought the red and whites to the lead with a millimeter-precise shot.

Already at the beginning of the second half, who knows which ball was taken in the middle of the pitch by Maksimović, Ivanić sent an ideal pass into the empty space for Ožegović, who went out alone in front of the goalkeeper, took a shoot, Viviano defended, but the action was followed by Stanisavljević, who ran on the ball, sent it into an empty net and brought to delirium about 200 fans of Vojvodina who came to support their team on this match.

Only nine minutes later, Voša made a new blow to an already well-stunned opponent. Maksimović took the ball again, and Nastić sent a pass over half the pitch towards Ožegović, who was faster and more skilful than Palombo, and lobbed the running goalkeeper Viviano from over 20 meters.

In the end, like cream on the cake, in the 91st minute, Ožegović received the ball about 20 meters from the goal, entered the penalty area, found a position for a shot and then sent the ball into the net of the helpless Viviano with a precise shot. It was the perfect end to a great match, which, with a triumph with the same result against Suduva in 2012, remained recorded as the most convincing victory on the side in official international matches in the history of the club.

Walter Zenga’s Sampdoria, with an annual budget of about 100 million euros, was not helped by all those expensive players like Eder, Muriel, Soriano, Krstičić, Zukanović, etc., over whom triumphed the team spirit, faith in their own abilities and maximum fight from the first to at the last minute by everyone who wore a jersey divided into white and red that evening.

That evening, for the team led from the bench by Zlatomir Zagorčić, performed: Srđan Žakula, Jovica Vasilić, Radovan Pankov, Igor Đurić, Bojan Nastić, Danilo Sekulić, Novica Maksimović, Aleksandar Stanisavljević (from 85th Uroš Stamenić), Darko Puškarić (from 71st Aleksandar Paločević), Mirko Ivanić (from 87th Siniša Babić) and Ognjen Ožegović.

It happened once – it will happen again!