Vojvodina started the new season with two victories in Bačka Palanka and Kruševac, and in the third round against Rad, it will finally play at its own stadium Karađorđe.

For this match, fans of the Old Lady and all fans of football at the stadium’s box office on match day will be able to take their tickets free of charge, and until the next match at Karađorđe and the match against TSC from Bačka Topola, season tickets for season 2019/20 will become available.

This time, football club Vojvodina prepared a special surprise for its most loyal fans, as season tickets owners of the last season will be able to replace the old season ticket for a new one free of charge, while everyone else will be able to buy a season ticket with 50 percent discount compared to last year’s prices.

According to the president of FK Vojvodina Vojislav Gajić, the club by this wants to thank the fans for their support in the past season, while with this gesture also wants to mark the year in which the Old Lady celebrates the 105th anniversary of its existence.

– In the new season, we entered with a clearly defined goal to secure the placement in Europe, but also with much bigger energy and a more positive atmosphere within the club, which is felt in every segment of it. Of course, Vojvodina is not and can never be the itself if it does not have the support of its fans, to whom I would first like to thank for the support they gave to the team in the previous period. At the same time, I invite them to come to Karadjordje this season again in order to help the team to achieve good results and, I believe, enjoy the good football presented by our players. For this reason, we decided that all owners of season tickets from last season can replace their old ticket for a new one free of charge, while those who did not buy a season ticket last year, this time they can do it at very affordable prices – said Gajić.

At the same time, football club Vojvodina informs the public that, from this season, all individuals and companies will be able to buy a season ticket for the VIP box of the stadium Karađorđe, and the price of one such ticket costs 500 euros.

Season tickets will be available in the premises of GIGS TIX at the Pariski Magazin Shopping Mall (Kralja Aleksandra 12), every working day between 9 am and 7:30 pm, as well as on Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm. The exact date of replacement and sale of season tickets will be announced later.

In order to take over the new season tickets, owners of season tickets from the last season will have to leave their old season ticket in the premises of GIGS TIX, while those who plan to buy a season tickets can do this at the following prices:

– West 1.500 dinars
– West (for pensioners, students and pupils) 1,000 dinars
– East 1,000 dinars

In order to make a discount on the purchase of season tickets for the season 2019/20, pensioners need to bring a pension card or the last check of the pension when buying a season tickets, students should bring an index, while elementary and high school pupils should bring their school ID.

All season tickets owners will be allowed to attend all FK Vojvodina matches in Super League and Cup of Serbia at Karađorđe in season 2019/20.