Vojvodina Football Club celebrates its 105th birthday today. On this occasion, members of the Veterans Section of FK Vojvodina took away and placed a wreath near the memorial plaque of FK Vojvodina in Temerinska street number 12, in the place where on March 6, 1914, a decision was made to establish a club.

In the presence of his former team-mates and other great players who over the past decades have created the history and fame of the club, as well as of the fans and media representatives, president of the Veterans Section of FK Vojvodina and member of the first title-winning generation of “old lady” Vasa Pušibrk reminded everyone about the founders of the club and importance of what they created more than 100 years ago.

– According to the sayings of the contemporary of that era, our Vojvodina was founded by young people, mostly high school and college students, at the beginning of March 1914. Among them, it is worth mentioning the names of the latter textile industrialists Đorđe and Milenko Šijakov, the later university professor Vladimir Milićev, the future medical doctor Uroš Čakovac, the renowned chemist Milenko Hinić and, of course, the lawyer Dr. Kosta Hadži. In this same place, at the staging workshop of the Sava Šijakov, Vojvodina was founded practically in secret. Since then, over the past 105 years, the club has been struggling, but it has survived and went through all the problems and troubles that have encountered. We, the veterans of the club, are trying our best to nurture the values ​​on which our club’s eternal tradition has been created, which we will surely do in the future, because FK Vojvodina is the institution and trademark of the cultural and multinational community of our Novi Sad. At this point, I would quote Mr. Bora Mirosavljević, author of numerous books dedicated to FK Vojvodina, and said that this is “In memory of everyone in whose veins run, runs and will run the red and white color of Vojvodina” – said Pušibrk.

Following his speech, members of the Veterans Section and also legendary former Vojvodina players Lazslo Lerinc and Đorđe Vujkov set up a wreath under the memorial plaque of FK Vojvodina, which was put in place five years ago in honor of marking the centenary of club existence, which was accompanied by sincere and cordial applause of all present.