Milos Sestic

Milos Sestic

Miloš Šestić was the captain and the best player of the second title-winning squad of Vojvodina, which in 1989 became the champions of Yugoslavia.

He was born on August 8, 1956 in Milosavci, and began his career in the 1972 in Jedinstvo from Stara Pazova. Later he played for Red Star, with which he won four championship titles and one Yugoslav Cup and reached to the UEFA Cup final, as well as for Olympiacos, from which in January 1987, on the invitation of the director of Vojvodina Ljubomir Španjol, he went to Novi Sad and started playing for red and whites while they competed in the Second League.

He stayed in Voša until 1990 and passed the road from the second league to the title of the champion, having played a total of 60 league games and scored nine goals, with each being a real masterpiece. In the memory of the fans especially remained the goal against Sloboda from Tuzla, when he literally walked into the goal with the ball and when Vojvodina, with a 4-2 victory, secured the title of the champion of the country.

According to him, the 1988/89 season, which he played in Vojvodina was the best in his career. After leaving Vojvodina, he played for Zemun and OFK Belgrade, and for the national team of Yugoslavia he played 21 matches and scored two goals.

Miloš Šestić during the match against Dinamo Zagreb in 1989

After the end of his career, he worked for some time as an assistant coach in Vojvodina. However, among the fans he will always be remembered as the most experienced and the best player of the team that brought the second championship title in Novi Sad during that unforgetable season.