Vojvodina drew with Altay with the result 1-1 (0-0) in the first preparatory match in Turkey. The leading goal for Vojvodina fell in the 57th minute, when Devetak centered from the left flank, and Altay defender Berkay Sulungoz scored an own goal with a clumsy reaction. However, in the very finish, Jasmin Šćuk scored in the 89th minute for 1-1.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: N. Simić – Bjeković, Bralić, Saničanin, Đorđević – Drinčić, Miletić – Vukadinović, Zukić, Gemović – Mrkaić.

Altay: Topaloglu – Ozturk, Gor, Simsek, Licurlla – Thiam, Kurtulus, Kappel, Regatin – Alkurt, Paixao.

Vojvodina was a better and more concrete team in the first half, and the first great excitement was brought by Vukadinović, who almost scored a goal for the Old Lady after only ten minutes of the game. It was Vukadinović who was in a special mood on the right side, as he escaped on the side on two more occasions, and it is a real shame that his goal was annulled in the middle of the first half.

Zukić suddenly found himself in a good position, he could have finished it himself, but he selflessly passed the ball to Vukadinović, who scored, but from an illegal position. At the end of the first half, Nikola Drinčić took a solid free kick from 25 meters, but the ball went over the bar a few centimeters.

Nenad Lalatović’s team completely controlled the game and kept the rival from Izmir away from the danger zone of Simić’s goal. However, in the last moments, Simić also stood out, when he stopped the attack of the Altay attacker from close range. As expected, Nenad Lalatović changed the whole team at half time, so in the second part of the game on the pitch went: Toroman – Andrić, Đurić, Kovačević, Devetak – Stojković, Mladenović – Kabić, V. Simić, Novevski – Čović.

As soon as the second half started, Kabić found himself in a good position, but there was no better final shot. However, only 10 minutes later, Vojvodina deservedly took the lead. In the 57th minute, the action was started by Nikola Andrić, who took the ball away from the opponent, in the continuation of the action, Devetak sent a cross from the left flank, and one Altay defender overhelmed his goalkeeper for the lead of Vojvodina with an awkward reaction.

A somewhat calmer period of the game followed, without real chances with a great fight in the middle of the pitch. That was the case until the 73rd minute, when Vojvodina had the best chance in the second part of the game. Mladenović gave the ball to Simić and connected him with a goal, but in a one-on-one situation, the Altay goalkeeper was more successful, Stojković also ran into the rejected ball, then Devetak made a cross, but the ball was caught by the keeper of the Turkish team’s net.

Like Simić in the finish of the first half, in the finish of the second half, the second keeper stood out – Toroman, who in the 80th minute stopped Altay’s second dangerous attempt in this match with a great intervention. Three minutes later, after Stojković’s mistake, Toroman stood out again, with another parade and defense of the Altay offensive from 20 meters.

In the 89th minute, unfortunately, Toroman couldn’t do anything, after the break from 40 meters, Šćuk just turned the ball with his head into the corner of the goal for the final 1-1. The next preparatory match, the Old Lady will play on Tuesday, when its rival will be the Ukrainian Zorya.