After the defeat of his team against Red Star, the Manager of Vojvodina, Nenad Lalatović, stated that the red and whites naively conceeded goals.

Today, Vojvodina was defeated against Red Star with the result 0-2 (0-2), in the derby of the 15th round of the Serbian Super League.

– Congratulations to both teams on the shown performance, and to Red Star on the victory. In the announcement of the match, I said that it is difficult to play against Red Star, because they have really great players, and Deki leads them great. I have to blame my players for conceding two naive goals. I said that if you want to make a result against Red Star, you have to reduce mistakes to a minimum and have concentration. Gajić went alone towards our goal, and my players held the zone, although I always ask them to come out on the player. They let him shoot, and the ball hit our player and went into the goal – says Lalatović.

In the second half, Red Star doubled the advantage with a goal from the penalty in the 75th minute.

– With the second goal, we made a naive penalty, because the ball was going to the goal-out, and our player made a tackle, so Mr. Simović called a penalty. I’m sorry, especially because we were able to score in the second minute, when Borjan reacted really phenomenally, and I already saw the ball in the goal. If we had scored then, who knows in which direction the game would have gone. This way, Red Star scored two goals and deservedly won, and it remains for us to analyze the match – Lalatović points out.

According to him, the team of Vojvodina is to blame for not winning points in the last two matches.

– We have to reduce those mistakes, because we also made two against Metalac. Đuričin made a mistake there on the third goal, and now he made a mistake again on the penalty. He is young and mistakes are an integral part of football, but we must reduce them in order to continue in the rhythm in which we must continue, and that is to win, so that our Vojvodina would be in a position that guarantees playing in Europe. Red Star has a difficult game on Thursday, and I wish her and my friend Deki all the best and to win there, while we play against Proleter on Thursday to enter the quarterfinals of the Cup – Lalatović notes.

The autumn part of the season is slowly coming to an end, and as the competition progresses, an increasing number of players are unable to play for their team due to injuries or corona virus.

– The season is certainly difficult, but we are professionals. The players are training and we knew what awaited us. Of course, the corona virus is not pleasant, but it is not only in Serbia, it is everywhere in the world, and we have to adapt to that. We try and work. Bojić had the corona virus and did not train for two weeks, but he returned to the team. Just as Red Star had injury problems today due to the non-playing of Katai and Rodić, so Saničanin and Topić did not play for us either. However, it is all an integral part of football and we have to get used to it all – says Lalatović.

The absence of the international of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Siniša Saničanin, certainly had a great influence on the performance of Vojvodina in today’s match.

– I would like to have a larger fund of players and to be able to rotate more. Unfortunately, we don’t have that. For me, when one or two players are not playing, it is immediately visible in our performance. Saničanin is a member of the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina and he played three games for his national team, where he suffered an injury in the 80th minute. Topić got injured while shooting the ball. For my team, these are two important players. Today, I put Devetak to play central back, even though he is a left back, and Andrić on the defensive midfielder, even though he also plays as a back. We don’t have a particularly large fond of players, but I’m satisfied, because those are quality guys. It is no coincidence that we are second, Cup winners and have beaten Partizan three times in a row. However, in December, we would have to strengthen with at least three or four players, in order to inject fresh blood into the team – said Lalatović.

Vojvodina will play the next match on Thursday, when, in the Round of 16 of the Serbian Cup, it will meet Proleter at Karađorđe. The start of that match is scheduled for 4 p.m.