After a draw of his team against Zemun, Vojvodina’s Manager Dragomir Okuka said that the “old lady” is going through a difficult period in every possible way.

Vojvodina and Zemun today played a draw 0:0, in the 17th round of the Super League of Serbia.

– We are dissatisfied with this game, because we lost two points. I think we had enough opportunity to score, because in the second half we had three hundred-odd chances, then a penalty, so in the end it’s good how it ended, because the opponent usually knows how to punish you for your misses and then you lose the match. We had a lot of problems, two forced changes due to injured players, the pitch in terrible condition and all that is something that follows Vojvodina not only today, but for a longer period. We hope this will come to an end, but normally we need to do better too. We will see what and how we will do in the future, because a lot of things are against us. This needs to end, it’s not easy for players to play, but somehow this period just won’t go away. Of course, I congratulate Zemun on the point that they won – says Okuka.

Towards the end of the first half of today’s match, because of a head injury, the 27-year-old midfielder Damir Zlomislić had to be carried out of the pitch, because he got a big cut and had to be transported to a hospital.

– I can not say that players didn’t had desire and that they did not fight for the victory, but quality is also needed. When you do not use two in the first half, and three great chances in the second half, plus you miss the penalty, it’s a lot for one team. But, you need to be patient and wait for a better time, and Vojvodina certainly deserves more. Managers are often being changed here, but if the Manager is a problem, then it is something that can easily be solved. In every possible way, Vojvodina is currently going through a difficult period. We need to wait for December and see what will happen then – Okuka said.

In the next round, Vojvodina will play against Rad in Belgrade.