For the football club Vojvodina, season 2020/21 ended with the game of the last round of the Serbian Super League and the defeat against Proleter at Karađorđe. With that defeat, Vojvodina finished the championship in fourth place on the table, but it certainly managed to achieve the main goal goal this season, which is to qualify for the Conference League, a new UEFA competition that will start next summer.

In addition to winning the fourth place in the championship, Vojvodina reached the semifinals of the Serbian Cup this season and the third round of qualifications for the Europa League. As a result, it is an effect that the club has repeated several times in the recent past, but still, the 2020/21 season will be remembered as a season in which certain club records were broken.

Last season, the players of Vojvodina broke the record for the number of points won in the championship, considering that they finished the championship with 71 points. The previous record was set in the 2010/11 season, when the then generation of the Old Lady finished the championship with 67 points.

Also, last season will be remembered as the season in which Vojvodina achieved the highest total number of victories, counting all the competitions in which it participated. Last season, the red and whites achieved a total of 24 triumphs (21 in the championship and three in the Cup), which broke the record from the 1994/95 season, in which the then generation achieved 22 victories (all in the championship).

At the same time, during the last season, the Manager, Nenad Lalatović, set a personal record, becoming the coach with the most victories in the history of Vojvodina. Counting both of his mandates, he achieved a total of 76 victories on the bench of the Old Lady, which surpassed the record of coach Gustav Lehner, who achieved a total of 61 victories in the 1950s.