Vojvodina lost to Romanian UTA with a score of 2-1 in a friendly match in Arad.

The only goal for Vojvodina was scored by Mirko Topić with an effective shot from 25 meters, in the 82nd minute.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

UTA: Jakob, Abid, Eriko, Benga, Steau, Matei, Bata, Stal, Ubink, Otele, Keseru.

Vojvodina: Toroman (from 77th Puškić), Lazarević (from 46th Bjeković), Vitas (from 59th Traore), Topić, Antonijević, Milosavljević (from 46th Busnić), Zukić (from 77th Popović), Čumić (from 46th Paunović), Simić (from 77th Sukačev), Malbašić (from 59th Kovačev), N. Nikolić (from 46th Kokanović).

The home team was the first to threaten in the fifth minute when Bata shot past the post from a distance.

After that, there were no major excitements until the 36th minute, when Vitas, in one attack, was forced to intervene on two occasions in the box and thus prevent two clean chances for the home team.

Voša had one attempt at UTA’s goal, through Čumić, but it was not dangerous enough to change the result.

Vojvodina coach Milan Rastavac made several changes in the team at halftime, as Bjeković, Busnić, Paunović, Kokanović got a chance, and soon Traore and Kovačev entered, just like young players such as goalkeeper Puškić, Sukačev and Popović.

The home team was more concrete in the second half and took the lead in the 54th minute. After the action and the return ball from the left flank, Godwin was in the right place, hitting the first corner from ten meters for 1-0.

Vojvodina played a little better after the conceded goal, in the 58th minute Paunović shook the net after an assist from Zukić, but the assistant referee signaled an illegal position.

In the 61st minute, Traore brought down Godwin in the penalty area as soon as he entered the game, and the referee pointed to the penalty spot. The responsibility was taken by Bata who shot in the middle of the goal for 2-0.

Voša managed to reduce the score ten minutes before the end, as Topić received the ball diagonally on the left side, brought it into the middle and scored from about 25 meters from the crossbar for 2-1 and great applause from several hundred fans.

Until the end of the match, there were no significant opportunities or changes in the results, so UTA celebrated in a friendly match.