Vojvodina defeated Borac Banja Luka with the result 1-0 in the first control match in the preparations in Slovenia.

The scorer of the only goal for Vojvodina was Milan Vidakov in the 61st minute.

Vojvodina: First half – N. Simić, Majstorović, Kopitović, Stevanović, Milanov, Topić, Zukić, U. Nikolić, Milosavljević, N. Nikolić, Vukčević. Second half – Carević, Bjeković, Jelenković, Jeličić, Đorđević, Busnić, Bastajić, V. Simić, Vidakov, Ivanović, Milošević.

Borac: Pavlović, Vojnović, Spremo, Gajić, Andrić, Piščević, Popara, Tatar, Meleg, Zakarić, Lukić.

The players of Borac had the first chance in the match. Lukić sent a strong shot from around 20 meters, and the ball ended up almost next to the goalpost.

In the middle of the first part of the game, Borac threatened once again through Piščević, who was blocked in the danger zone. In the 36th minute, Voša made the most beautiful action that Nešković started on the left flank, followed by several passes, and then Uroš Nikolić shot from twenty meters near the goalpost.

The coach of Vojvodina, Milan Rastavac, changed the complete lineup at half time, so the following players played: Carević, Bjeković, Jelenković, Jeličić, Đorđević, Busnić, Bastajić, V. Simic, Vidakov, Ivanović, Milošević.

Vojvodina had the first chance in the continuation. Busnić shot from a distance, it was also the first attempt within the goal range, but the goalkeeper of Borac was on the spot.

At the end of an hour of the game, Milan Vidakov gave the advantage to Vojvodina. The returnee to the ranks of the Old Lady hit the net with a skilful reaction and showed why he was the first scorer of the First League of Serbia last season. Voša’s action lasted for a long time, a lot of work was done by Jeličić, who went through the middle and passed the ball to Vidakov, who just turned the ball into the net from seven meters.

Three minutes later, Voša had another great opportunity. Simić broke through the middle, built a position for the shot, but he sent the ball over the bar from 18 meters. Voša had a new tied chance in the 70th minute. Bastajić tried, Simić came across the rejection, but he was blocked.

In the 77th minute, Vojvodina was left without Veljko Simić, who earned the second yellow card, but with the permission of the referee, he was replaced by Vukčević, who played the first half.

Voša has her next check-up on Wednesday at 5.30 pm, when her rival will be the Bulgarian team Maritsa Plovdiv.