Vojvodina lost to Sabah with a score of 2-4 in the second friendly match during the preparations in Belek.

Both goals for Vojvodina were scored by Veljko Simić, in the sixth and 10th minute.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: Carević, Lazarević, Vitas, Topić, Đorđević, Zukić, Busnić, Kabić, Simić, Čumić, N. Nikolić. From the 62nd minute, the following players played: Bjeković, Traore, Jeličić, Antonijević, Milosavljević, Miletić, Baraye, Milošević, Vukčević and Malbašić.

Sabah: Imanov, Mutalimov, Irasabal, Hassanalizad, Seydiyev, Da Silva, Camalov, Mikkels, Isayev, Kashuk, Volkov. From the 62nd minute, the following players played: Mehbaliyev, Gabriel, Memedov, Ceferov, Alekperov, Xaybulayev, A. Nuriev, Seballos, Ch. Nuriev, Fofana, Apeh.

In the fourth minute, Sabah took the lead, after a cross, the highest in the air was Volkov, who beat Carević with his head for 0-1.

Voša retaliated just two minutes later, Nemanja Nikolić was the first to shoot from about ten meters, goalkeeper Imanov intervened with his foot, but the ball bounced straight to the leg of Veljko Simić, who hit the empty first corner for 1-1.

Already in the 10th minute it was 2-1 for Vojvodina. Five players of Vojvodina went on the counter, Čumić started a solo action and decided to try the shot, the ball bounced back into his possession, and then there was a great assist over the entire Sabah defense, and Simić again routinely hit the upper right corner for 2-1.

After a stormy start, there followed ten minutes of a somewhat calmer pace, without clear chances, but then Sabah managed to equalize. Volkov was again the main actor, he shot diagonally from the right side to the first corner and beat Carević again for 2-2.

Until going on vacation, there was no change in results, and no significant opportunities. Voša had several well-designed attacks, but there was no more specific final pass, so apart from Čumić’s volley attempt, there were no major opportunities.

Voša was the first to threaten in the continuation, Nikolić received the ball and shot the far corner from about 20 meters, but he was a little inaccurate.

Sabah got the third goal from the first real opportunity in the second half. Mikkels crossed from the left flank, and Isaev sent the ball behind Carević’s back with his head from five meters away for the second reversal of the match – 2-3.

In the 62nd minute, Sabah got their fourth goal. Isaev masterfully played to Kashuk, who hit the upper right corner for 2-4.

After that goal, the coaches of both teams completely changed their lineups, and from that moment on, along with Carević, it was Bjeković, Traore, Jeličić, Antonijević, Milosavljević, Miletić, Baraye, Milošević, Vukčević and Malbašić who played for Voša.

Just five minutes after entering the game, Jovan Milošević showed how dangerous he is when he gets the ball in the dangerous zone, as he seriously threatened Sabah’s goal on two occasions, and goalkeeper Imanov intervened excellently both times.

In the 74th minute, Milosavljević connected Malbašić with a goal, but Sabah’s goalkeeper again made an excellent intervention and prevented Vojvodina’s safe goal.

For the fourth time in the second half, Sabah’s goalkeeper was more successful than Vojvodina’s attackers, this time in the 77th minute, Vukčević attempted a shot, not strong enough to threaten Imanov.

Sabah could have scored the fifth goal until the end, but the crossbar saved Voša after an excellent shot by Ceballos.

Voša will play the third control match tomorrow at 3 PM, and its opponent will be Russian Khimki.