Vojvodina drew with Khimki with the score 0-0 in the third control match of the preparations in Belek.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: N. Simić, Antonijević, Traore, Jeličić, Bukinac (from 30th Kokanović), Miletić, Milosavljević, U. Nikolić, Baraye, Malbašić, Vukčević (from 46th Milošević). From the 63rd minute, the following players entered the game: Đorđević, Topić, Vitas, Lazarević, Zukić, Busnić, Čumić, Kabić, Veljko Simić and Nemanja Nikolić.

Khimki: Mitrushkin, Gbane, Idovu, Antić, Sadygov, Rudenko, Golubović, Melentijević, Glavčić, Magomedov, Walker. From the 63rd minute, the following players entered the game: Gudiev, Dzhantiev, Kazantsev, Yshyk, Dulaev, Mosian, Diakonov, Adah, Galkin, Dibirov, Skvortsov.

We saw the first excitement in the 11th minute, Bukinac cheated nicely and passed his keeper on the left side, crossed to the box where Vukčević was, but Voša’s attacker was inaccurate.

Khimki retaliated after three minutes when they came close to Simić’s goal for the first time, Rudenko shot from the crowd and hit the crossbar. The Russian team had another chance, in the 24th minute, Magomedov tried a shot from the edge of the penalty area, but Simić was on the spot.

In the 33rd minute, Vojvodina launched a quick counter attack, Baraye pulled the ball and played Malbašić perfectly between the side back and the central back, but at the last moment goalkeeper Mitrushkin flew out and saved his net.

Before the break, Khikmi had another solid chance, in the 39th minute Rudenko tried to beat Simić, who stopped his shot.

Khimki had the first chance in the second half as well, in the 47th minute Rudenko was again the main actor, but so was Simić, who was again more successful, and three minutes later the same player shot far past the post from ten meters.

Voša had the first attempt in the continuation in the 53rd minute, after Nikolić’s corner kick, Milošević shot his with his head under the crossbar, Khimki’s goalkeeper caught the ball. Only a minute later, Voša’s best chance failed, after a stolen ball, an empty space opened up in front of Khimki’s goal, but Malbašić gave a pass that was too strong for the lone Milošević, who was running towards the goal at full speed.

In the 56th minute, Voša had as many as four shots in one attack, first Malbašić was stopped by Mitrushkin, then Nikolić also shot, then Baraye, and finally Kokanović shot directly at the Khimki goalkeeper from a distance.

After that, in the 63rd minute, Milan Rastavac changed the entire team as they entered – Đorđević, Topić, Vitas, Lazarević, Zukić, Busnić, Čumić, Kabić, Veljko Simić and Nemanja Nikolić.

Voša continued to dominate and the next chance was given to Čumić, who got in on time on the left side, received the ball and shot, but directly at the Khimki goalkeeper. And three minutes later, Voša made an excellent attack, Đorđević passed on the left side and returned the ball for Nikolić, whose shot was blocked at a crucial moment.

The dominance paid off in the 75th minute when Zukić entered the penalty area, and Kazantsev knocked him down from behind, the referee had no dilemma, he pointed to the penalty spot. Nemanja Nikolić took the responsibility, but Khimki’s reserve goalkeeper read his intention and stopped his shot.

And the finish of the match belonged to Vojvodina, because Čumić had another attempt from a similar position as a few minutes ago, this time he put the goalkeeper to even greater trouble, but he again made an excellent save. In the 85th minute, Čumić started the most beautiful action, he played past Simić, who waited for the right moment to pass to Kabić, whose shot from 20 meters was stopped by Gudiev with a new defense.

Until the end, there was no change in the result, so today there was no winner, and thus Vojvodina recorded the first draw in the preparations in Belek. In the next game, Voša will meet Lokomotiv Sofia on Sunday.