Vojvodina beat Lokomotiv 1929 team with a score of 2-0 in the fourth control match during the preparations in Belek.

The scorers for Vojvodina were Antonijević in the 48th minute and Vukčević in the 72nd minute.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: Carević, Antonijević, Busnić, Jeličić, Bukinac, Kokanović, Miletić, Kabić (from 46th Bjeković), Milošević, Kovačev, Vukčević. In the 78th minute, Lazarević, Đorđević, Vitas, Traore, Zukić, Milosavljević, Baraye, Čumić and Malbašić entered the game.

Lokomotiv: Guy, Franka, Franko, Raposo, Ivanov, Miloshev, Dias, Vutov, Katsarov, Mitkov, Nenov.

Although coach Milan Rastavac fielded a rather rejuvenated team, the team showed tactical maturity and in the first 45 minutes, the Old Lady was more concrete on the field.

Already in the first minute, Milošević played past Antonijević between the side back and the central back, but his cross was blocked.

Milošević was again in the center of attention, first in the 13th minute when Bukinac found him after an excellent solo penetration, and he shot from the box just wide of the post.

In the 17th minute, Milošević was dangerous again, he received the ball diagonally from the right side and shot strongly into the first corner, goalkeeper Guy was on the spot.

A period without many chances followed, Voša kept the rival away from the danger zone, and Carević only had to deal with one situation, when he easily stopped Mitkov’s shot from distance.

In the 48th minute, Voša deservedly took the lead, after a nice action, Vukčević found Antonijević from the right side at the second post, who crossed from the second plan and sent the ball under the crossbar with a volley.

Voša continued to create chances, soon Milošević tried a shot for the third time, he stole the ball in front of the goal and shot the first corner and hit the back of the net. In the 50th minute, Voša could have easily scored the second goal, Antonijević got revenge on Vukčević with a great assist, but the latter shot over the goal.

Lokomotiv threatened for the first time in the 54th minute, from around 22-23 meters, Miloshev shot past the post.

After Lokomotiv’s milder initiative, Voša scored the second goal in the 72nd minute after a counterattack. Bjeković got a great pass on the right side, came out on the goalkeeper and found Vukčević, who hit the empty net from about ten meters away for 2-0.

Voša played very well in the defensive phase until the end and preserved the advantage, and deservedly recorded the second triumph at the preparations in Belek.