On this day, exactly 100 years ago, at the extraordinary session of the club assembly held on July 23, 1922, the then members of the club’s highest body made a decision to accept the red and white jerseys as the official jerseys of FK Vojvodina.

In this way, the members of the club Assembly wanted to express their gratitude to the football club Slavia from Prague, from which, after the end of the First World War, Novi Sad students who studied in Prague received as a gift the first real football equipment that arrived in Novi Sad, so Vojvodina became the first club in Serbia to officially accept the red and white colors as their own.

On the same day, the club got its official coat of arms, which was slightly modified compared to the coat of arms of SK Slavia. More precisely, the only difference was that the star on the coat of arms of Vojvodina was not red, as on Slavia’s, but blue, so that, with a red and white background, the coat of arms would be in the colors of the Serbian flag.