Football club Vojvodina joined the campaign to collect funds for the treatment of seven-year-old Miloš Ćelap from Novi Sad, who is suffering from leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant abroad.

In this regard, the football club Vojvodina decided that all the income from the sale of tickets for the match against Kolubara will be forwarded for the purpose of Miloš’s treatment, just like the voluntary contributions that the spectators left before and after the game, and some sponsors also got involved in the action.

For the treatment of Miloš Ćelap, a total of 624,570 dinars has been collected in this way, of which 400,000 is a donation from the club’s sponsors, and the rest is earnings from the sale of tickets and money that visitors to the match with Kolubara left in the boxes intended for this purpose.

Before the start of the match against Kolubara, as a sign of gratitude to the sponsors who supported this action, the football club Vojvodina presented them with framed jerseys of the Old Lady with the image of Siniša Mihajlović, in which Voša’s players played a recent match against Red Star, so this the company Ling mobility solutions, Logo centar, Energomontaža, Steel impex and Vita addiction treatment hospital received a gift.

The campaign to collect aid for Miloš Ćelap’s treatment is not over yet, as 11 Vojvodina jerseys from the match against Red Star (players who were in the starting line-up) will be auctioned tomorrow, more information about which will be published tomorrow, and all proceeds from the auction will also be donated to Miloš’s treatment.

Football club Vojvodina thanks all the sponsors and fans who participated in this action once again and invites all people of good will to help according to their possibilities:

  • by sending an SMS message 1420 to 3030;
  • by payment to the dinar account: 160-6000001511379-80;
  • by payment to foreign currency account: 160-6000001512010-30, IBAN: RS35160600000151201030, SWIFT/BIC: DBDBRSBG