Vojvodina drew with Radnički Niš with the result 0-0 in the 35th round of the Serbian Super League.

The coaches took the following lineups on the pitch:

Vojvodina: Toroman – Stojković, Maksimović, Kovačević (from 46th Saničanin), Devetak – Miletić (from 64th Andrić), Topić – Novevski (from 79th Vukadinović), V. Simić (from 68th Gemović), Zukić – Mrkaić.

Radnički: Kojić – Stevanović, Bjelčić, Aksentijević, Kasalica, Kovačević, Pantelić (from 64th Petrović), Trifunović (from 58th Ćirković), Živković (from 52nd Đuričin), Đuričković, Stanković.

The first half passed without many opportunities and practically without a single shot on goal. Vojvodina made the first dangerous shot towards Kojić’s goal only at the end of the first part of the game, when Zukić shot over the crossbar from around 17 meters.

On the other hand, Radnički was quite harmless, and the only dangerous situation in front of Toroman’s goal was in the 37th minute, when, after Đuričković’s cross from a free kick, the ball flew through the box next to the goalpost.

By the way, the Old Lady had a milder initiative and a bit more possession of the ball in the first half, but the teams mostly fought in the middle of the pitch, far from the dangerous zones for Toroman and Kojić.

Coach Nenad Lalatović made one change at half time, as Saničanin replaced Kovačević, and the guests had the first opportunity. In the 48th minute, after Radnički’s counterattack, Đuričković passed the ball to Pantelić, who entered the penalty area and shot from fifteen meters diagonally, but the ball hit the post and ended up in the goal out.

In the continuation, Vojvodina started to threaten more seriously. In the 62nd minute, Simić withdrew the counter and passed the ball to Novevski, who shot diagonally from 15 meters, but the goalkeeper of Radnički successfully intervened. Only two minutes later, the first one hundred percent chance for Voša was seen, as Zukić sent a pass in front of the penalty area, Novevski fought for the ball in a with the opponent’s defender, after which Simić picked up the ball and shot from fifteen meters, but over the goal. Immediately afterwards, new changes were made in Voša: Andrić entered instead of Miletić, soon Gemović instead of Simić, and in Radnički, Petrović instead of Pantelić.

Radnički retaliated in the 69th minute, after a new counter-attack. Kasalica passed the ball to Đuričin, who shot diagonally from fifteen meters, but Toroman was in the right place. A period without excitement followed, and then in the 80th minute, Radnički was left with a player less. In the duel with Topić, Đuričin tried to simulate a penalty, which is why he received a second yellow card and an automatic suspension.

The home team tried to reach all three points. Zukić had the last chance, but he shot over the goal with his head. Radnički’s coach Aleksandar Stanković also received a red card in injury time, as he was dissatisfied with one referee’s decision and threw the bottle of water on the pitch.

Vojvodina did not manage to use the numerical advantage, so with this point it is still in the fourth position with 67 points.