The players of Vojvodina FC won against TSC at Karađorđe stadium, with the result 3:2 in the 30th round of Mozzart Bet Superleague of Serbia.

The scorers for Vojvodina were: Zukić in the 10th, Campbell in the 45th, and Petrović in the 93rd minute.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: Carević, Lazarević, Korać, Jeličić, Indio, Petrović, Zukić (from the 58th Radulović), Campbell (from the 58th  Đorđević), Savićević (from the 58th Vukanović), Sery, Ivanović.

TSC: Ilić, Cvetković, Antonić, Stojić, Petrović (from the 82nd Krstić), Vulić (from the 82nd Milovanović), Đakovac, Milosavljević (from the 60th Jovanović), Pantović (from the 73rd Šoš), Ćirković, Stanić (from the 82nd Radin).

At the very start of the match, it could have been suggested that it would bring an open match, and be a true spectacle at the excellently full Karađorđe. Ćirković was the first to threaten after two minutes of the match for TSC, but his shot ended high over the goal, and then on the other side, only a few second later, Mihailo Ivanović shot excellently. Still, his shot ended right next to the right goal post of the goal.

In the 5th minute, we saw another good attack of Vojvodina. Indio changed side by sendin the pass to the right, and Lazarević finished the action by shooting from some 20 meters, without endangering Ilić’s net.

It was the ninth minute of the match, when Vojvodina had a chance to take the lead, from the free kick from about 20 meters, and that happened. Perfectly through the formation, Dejan Zukić scored, for his 4th goal in this season of the Mozzart Bet Superleague of Serbia.

Vojvodina had the control of the match, and was looking for a way to double the lead, while TSC yearned for a draw, but they failed to threaten the net of Carević more seriously. In the 25th minute Savićević almost punished the hesitation of Ilić, when he took the ball before the net. However, there was no realization. Miloš Pantović fought back with an attempt to headkick the ball two minutes later, and not a lot was missing for the guest to draw. A true derby and open football this afternoon in Novi Sad.

TSC had their best chance for a draw in the second half, in the 41st minute, when after an interruption, Petar Stanić shot the goal post, and then the kick of Pantović from the near distance ended in a block. Not a lot passed before Vojvodina fought back, but more dangerously. Savićević managed to get the ball and pass it to the wing, Sery moves to the middle of the penalty area, and passes to Campbell on the right side. The wing player of Voša positioned himself nicely, and with his left foot sent the ball right into the goal for 2:0 in the 45th minute of the match.

The second half didn’t begin well for Vojvodina, because already in the 49th minute after a penetration of Aleksandar Ćirković and his pass to Ifet Đaković, the midfielder of TSC shot below Carević for 2:1. Soon after, the coach Božidar Bandović made three changes to refresh the attack and the defence, so Radulović, Đorđević and Vukanović entered the match.

As expected, TSC had a better possession of the ball, but that didn’t stop the home players. Moreover, they took the lead again after a great solo penetration of Caleb Zady Sery, who then poked Ilić and ended the action beautifully. However, after the call from the VAR room, the arbitrator Milan Stefanović judged that Sery committed an offence when taking the ball from Miloš Vulić. The goal was annulled, and the player from the Ivory Coast received a yellow card, so the result was again 2:1 for Voša.

That was the case until the 79th minute when Ćirković on the left flank sent the ball to the other goal post where Bence Sos ran into and lowered the ball to Saša Jovanović who drew. Vojvodina was close to the new lead in the 90th minute after a commotion in the corner, but the ball didn’t enter the net of Ilić for the third time. The head attempt was soon made by Ivanović, but not precisely and strongly enough.

The team of Božidar Bandović didn’t give up, and in the deep added time, Njegoš Petrović entered after a center shot by Radulović, and scored a goal through a headkick, uncharacteristic for him, which led to the eruption of emotions at Karađorđe.

At this point, Vojvodina is the fourth team on the scoreboard of MozzartBet Superleague of Serbia with 50 points, and from that position they will enter the play-off of the domestic championship.