The coaching staff of FK Vojvodina has undergone significant changes this summer. At the end of last season, Voša was left by the Manager Nenad Lalatović, assistant coaches Dragan Šarac and Vidak Bratić and goalkeeper coach Milan Jovanić, and instead, Voša’s first team players were taken care of by the new boss Slavoljub Đorđević, who, since the beginning of the season, has been assisted by Predrag Ranđelović, Aleksandar Radunović and Srđan Žakula.

However, the coaching staff of the Old Lady has become significantly different this summer than before, and that is the fact that, since the beginning of this season, it also includes analysts who are in charge of tactical analysis of rivals, but also analysis and tactical training of Voša’s team, both in groups and individually on the issue of each player individually.

In that way, the professional work in FK Vojvodina was raised to a higher level and additionally closer to those biggest European clubs, because it is generally known that the tactical preparation of the match, ie the tactical training of players is almost as important for the result as their physical preparation, football quality and talent.

According to the words of the head of the analytical center of FK Vojvodina, Bojan Ofenbeher, this fulfilled the vision and wish of the former and unfortunately deceased sports director of the Old Lady, Milan Kosanović, on whose initiative this center was launched.

– With the appointment of Milan Kosanović to the position of sports director of the club at the beginning of 2021, the analytical center of FK Vojvodina started working. As one of the many innovative ideas and projects he started, Kosan, with the great help of the club’s management and academy director Duško Grujić, formed an analytical department in January, with the goal of helping players develop tactical awareness with the help of state-of-the-art tactical analysis tools. Both from the aspect of team and from the aspect of individual tactics – says Ofenbeher.

Of course, certain investments were necessary to start this department.

– Large financial resources have been allocated for the purchase of computer equipment, analytical platform SPIDEO and other software tools, and a modernly equipped office-classroom for work and education has been provided. Also, an organizational and logistical scheme was made for the gradual implementation of analytical methods in the daily work of all age categories – notes Ofenbeher.

In the beginning, the analytical center was exclusively in the service of the Youth Academy Ilija Pantelić.

– During the first six months, the department primarily performed the service of tactical analysis for competitive categories of youth and cadets, in terms of analysis of opponents and corrective analysis of its own game mechanism, as well as individual corrective analysis of players of these categories. Analysts Igor Gagričić and Dejan Medić, in parallel with tactical education and adoption of tools for technical implementation of analysis and presentation of materials, all the time worked closely with the coaching staffs of the youth and cadet team and, together with them, conducted more than 150 analyzes and presentation – emphasizes Ofenbeher.

Logically, after those six months, the diligent and professional work of Voša’s analysts received recognition in the form of co-opting into the first team of red and whites.

– We received the greatest confirmation for quality work and dedication to work at the beginning of the 2021/22 season, when the new sports director Ljubiša Dunđerski and the new Manager Slavoljub Đorđević showed us trust and included us closely in the work of the first team coaching staff. In this way, the cycle regarding the role of the analytical department in monitoring the development of young players, as well as in collecting and storing important data and information, was completed, which was Kosan’s basic idea at the very beginning – says Ofenbeher.

There is no doubt that the launch of the analytical center has brought FK Vojvodina much closer to modern world trends in terms of professional work with football players.

– Today, FK Vojvodina has a modern analytical center, which can function independently and which can certainly stand side by side with any club in the region, which certainly impresses us, but also obliges us to continue in the future with developing and following trends – concluded Ofenbeher.