After a little more than a month after the previous one, the new season in the Serbian Super League will start tomorrow. In the first round, Voša expects a very difficult away game, as the red and whites will meet TSC in Senta.

As a newcomer to the elite, the team from Bačka Topola was a real hit last season, and in two matches against Vojvodina, they managed to win as many as four points. Thanks to the placement they achieved, the team from Topola will represent Serbia in the qualifications for the Europa League this season, with the proviso that, unlike Vojvodina, they will start in this European competition from the first round.

As for Vojvodina, due to the epidemiological situation in the country, the red and whites prepared for the new season in their FC Vujadin Boškov, but due to the measures introduced by the City Emergency Headquarters of the City of Novi Sad, they were not able to play friendly matches.

However, according to defender, 28-year-old Nikola Andrić, that did not stop Voša’s players from being ready for the new season.

– I think we are well prepared for the new season. Except for one or two players who had minor injuries, we all stayed healthy, which is the most important thing. None of us is infected with the corona virus, so we are all ready to compete for a place in the lineup – says Andrić.

He thinks that one good game will be played in Senta, but that it is difficult to predict who has a better chance of winning.

– This is the first round, so no one has reached their optimal form yet. For that reason, I think anything can happen. What is certain is that a real European match awaits us, because both they and we will soon represent Serbia in Europe. Of course, I hope for our victory and we will do our best to reach it – Andrić notes.

Last season was one of the most successful for Vojvodina in the history of the club, considering that the trophy was won in the Serbian Cup, and the third place was won in the league.

– We can definitely repeat last season and we certainly have goals that we, together with the coaching staff, have set ahead of us again. We are also expected to participate in the qualifications for the Europa League, and I hope that we will succeed in achieving historic success and qualify for the group stage. It remains for us to see who we will get in the draw, but we will certainly do everything in our power to make the fans happy – said Andrić.

The match between TSC and Vojvodina will be played tomorrow at 7 pm in Senta. Due to the current epidemiological situation, the match will be played without the presence of spectators, but with a live broadcast on the first channel of Arena Sport television.