Football club Vojvodina informs the sports public that it is extremely unpleasantly surprised by the decision of the Football Association of our country that the final match of the Serbian Cup, which should be a kind of football holiday, be played in Niš.

The decision to play the finals of the Serbian Cup in a city 330 kilometers away from Novi Sad, showed the tendency that, due to the great distance and the fact that the match will be played on a working day, the football club Vojvodina be deprived of the support of several thousand fans, as was the case in all previous Cup finals in which we participated.

Also, the club absolutely understands and stands in solidarity with the decision of our supporters not to attend the match in Niš, considering that, taking into account the experience from previous years, it is clear that in this case the departure to the finals would have to be organized in the morning, and return to Novi Sad, with their usual stay at the stadium after the match, would be possible only in the morning the next day. These are completely inhumane conditions for anyone to be invited to come and support their team in a match.

Football club Vojvodina emphasizes that, out of the nine games it played in the Cup final, it was as many as seven times in Belgrade and only once in Novi Sad. At the same time, it is completely illogical and inexplicable to us why the household could not be determined by draw, that is by drawing balls, where each club would have a 50 percent chance of being a host on its own stadium?

Despite everything, our team will participate in the finals of the Serbian Cup, knowing that the hearts and thoughts of all Vojvodina fans will be with our players.

President of FK Vojvodina

Vojislav Gajić