On the occasion of the location of the finals of the Serbian Cup for this season, the fans of Vojvodina issued a press release, which we are transmitting in its entirety on this occasion:

Fair or no way

Due to several days of speculation in the media regarding the venue of the finals of the Serbian Cup, the fan group The Firm 1989 informs the sports public and all fans of Vojvodina that, in case it is determined that the finals will be played in one of the cities of central or southern Serbia (Niš, Jagodina, Užice, etc.), we will definitely not attend that match.

With, unfortunately, still fresh memories of 2011 and the final in which our club was drastically damaged on the pitch, the fans of Vojvodina still remember all day long harassment and torture to which they were exposed that day, although, allegedly, in the of interest people who lead Serbian football even then it was to gather as many spectators as possible at our stadiums.

What all 8,000 fans who supported Vojvodina in Belgrade at that time still remember well, The Firm reminds the sports public today: we went to the match of the Serbian Cup final at 3:30 pm from Novi Sad, and to the stadium where the final was played, in Belgrade, only 90 kilometers away, we entered at 8:45 pm, even though not a single incident occured during the entire trip.

Therefore, we ask the question: if it took us almost five hours to get to Belgrade, how long will it take us to get to Niš, Jagodina or Užice? Does the selection of any of these or cities from their surroundings show a clear intention for Vojvodina to have as little support as possible from its fans in the finals, which again insinuates that it is known in advance who should win the cup?

In the current situation, the only fair solution for determining the place of the finals is to draw the home team, and for the match to be played either at the Karađorđe stadium or at the Partizan stadium in Belgrade. Any other decision would show a clear intention and determination to deprive the football club Vojvodina of maximum support in the finals, and bring the club itself into a situation of being just a mere actor in a match whose outcome is predetermined.

We appeal to the Football Association to make the only fair and correct decision regarding the place where the finals will be played, and that is to determine the host by draw, so that the host can be either Vojvodina or Partizan at its own stadium. Otherwise, the fans of Vojvodina will definitely not be exposed to all-day harassment just to give someone a false picture of how the final went in fair and honest conditions by their presence at the game.

Fan group The Firm