The coach of Vojvodina FC, Božidar Bandović congratulated his players on their performance, and big fight in the finale of the Serbian Cup.

The players of the Old Lady lost tonight in the finale from the Red Star with the result 1:2, but Bandović believes that Vojvodina will once again reach the new finale if they continue down this road.

  • I congratulate my players on their big fight until the last minute, and congratulate the Red Star on the Cup trophy. It is a big deal that we played the Cup finale, and that we were in a situation to fight for the trophy. We had a few situations in the first half when we could have reacted better in the finish, and we deserved that one goal. And the Red Star was also dangerous in a few situations. I can be pleased with the performance of my team, and I think that we have a great foundation for the future. It is certain that we will be better next season, and that we will reinforce ourselves. If we reached the finale once, I believe that we will again. I would like to thank the fans on their great support, because of them we were fighting until the last second, which has been the quality of this team in all our previous matches. We will continue to train and nurture this style of playing. I am satisfied with how we confronted the Red Star who have a quality team – Bandović said.

Aleksa Vukanović also believes that Vojvodina showed growth, and that the next season they will fight for the trophies.

  • I congratulate the Red Star on the Cup. This was a game that we had to win, but unfortunately, we lost it. We made a few mistakes from which we received goals, we managed to recover, but it was too late. We now see that we can reach the finale, and that is a big deal. I believe that we will again be in the situation to fight for this trophy next year, but that we will be the ones who will raise that trophy and take it to Novi Sad – Vukanović highlighted.