With three wins and one draw, after the fourth round of the Serbian Super League, Vojvodina is in second place in the table, a position that leads to the second round of qualification for the Champions League next season. In addition, the red and whites are the only team that has not yet conceded a goal in the championship so far, and the Old Lady was cheered on by an average of 5,000 people in the first three games at Karađorđe.

A lot of things contributed to the positive changes and rise of FK Vojvodina, starting with the administration, the coaching staff, but of course the players themselves, both those who took Voša’s equipment this summer, and those who were already there, but now play much better and more confidently. One of the footballers who gained the trust of coach Milan Rastavac from the start is the Senegalese, 30-year-old Yves Baraye, who proved to be a very important player for the offensive game of Vojvodina.

He also played yesterday against Radnički 1923 in Kragujevac, where, although he did not score a goal, in several situations he again proved to be a very dangerous player for the opponent.

– It was very difficult to play yesterday, because the field was completely soaked with water. It was clear to us that we would not be able to play there the way we played in our stadium, because it is not possible to play real football in such conditions. That’s why we had to change the game system and achieve victory in a different way, which we succeeded in – says Baraye.

Voša’s international is satisfied with the team’s performance in the first four rounds.

– I am satisfied with what we have done so far, but I think we could have reached all 12 points. We set ourselves up in such a way that we only want to win in every game. I see that only Red Star managed to achieve four victories at the start and I expect that we will still have a fierce fight for the top with them – notes Baraye.

In all four games so far, Baraye was in the starting line-up of the Old Lady, and that was the case yesterday too, when he was replaced in the 58th minute by Dejan Zukić, who assisted for Vojvodina’s second goal.

– The coach does his job very well, so he made normal changes yesterday. I had a certain break before I came to Vojvodina, now I’m practically back in shape and I can play 90 minutes, but when you have a break behind you, you have to be careful after returning to the field, because it’s easier to get injured , especially on the pitch like it was yesterday. In any case, we are a team and on the field there are always those who can help the most at that moment, while they have maximum support from everyone else, although it is also logical that every player wants to play as much as possible. As for me personally, I expect that I will be even better over time, because that is only possible through matches and competition – Baraye points out.

A month of competition in the Super League of Serbia was enough for Voša’s Senegalese to get an idea of ​​Serbian football.

– The league is not overly difficult to play, although every team we have played against so far seems very coordinated and organized. Also, all of them were predominantly defensive-oriented. For this reason, I think we have to play faster, because if the ball circulates slowly, then they have time to block and then it is much more difficult to break them. If we want to continue winning, I think we have to take a little more risk during the match – Baraye said.

The fans of Vojvodina are satisfied with his previous performance, just as he is satisfied with his new environment.

– Novi Sad is a fantastic city and I like it a lot, although I haven’t visited it very much so far. I like the atmosphere at our games the most, because the fans really help the team a lot. From the first minute to the last they send us only positive energy and I literally never felt anything negative. And because of them, I hope that we will achieve as many victories as possible this season – stresses Baraye.

Voša is currently in the position leading to the Champions League qualification, and as time passes, the sports public in Serbia is increasingly looking at Vojvodina as an equal candidate for that position at the end of the season.

– Yes, it is possible for us to qualify for the Champions League. We just have to continue like this and prepare well for every next game. And of course, we have to believe in it, because in life, the first and basic prerequisite to achieve something is to believe that it is possible. So far, everything is going well, but the season is long. Some difficult days will come, and then it will be seen whether we are the right team or not – concluded Baraye.

In the fifth round of the Super League, Vojvodina was supposed to meet with Red Star at Karađorđe, but due to the obligations of the Belgraders in the Champions League qualifiers, that match was postponed to October 19. Voša will thus play the first next game in the sixth round, when, on August 13, it will face Kolubara in Lazarevac.