The coach of Vojvodina, Radoslav Batak, congratulated his team on an excellent performance and an important victory over Novi Pazar.

The Old Lady outplayed today and convincingly beat Novi Pazar with a score of 4-0, and Batak praised all his players.

– The main thing today was that the players forgot the last game and understood this as a new match. During the week we had problems, our Filip Malbašić’s mother passed away and we were all together at the funeral and they honored him today with a goal celebration, because we missed him on the field today. We opened the match well, we talked about it before the match, this time we were better, we scored two goals on time. I’m sorry that all the guys are doing well, but not everyone can play. But it makes me happy that everyone is looking forward to our collective, joint victory. Now we can fight for more places and we need to understand as much as we can and not break this streak. The next rival is Radnički from Kragujevac, a new challenge awaits us and I hope we will have the same approach as today. I congratulate all the players on today’s release and togetherness – said Batak.

He specifically referred to the performance of Jovan Milošević, but again underlines that it is the team that “kicks out” the individual.

– Milošević was eagerly waiting for that goal, we see during the week when someone feels better, we simply have such a relationship with everyone. Nemanja Nikolić has been training fantastically since the first day we arrived, but he was a bit tired. We have that good interaction, we talk with all the players, and so it is with Milošević, and he accepted some things from training. That goal came as a reward for all that effort and work, which is very important for strikers. However, I would not evaluate only through the goals, but also because of everything they do for the team – said Batak.