Vojvodina beat Radnički from Niš away from home with a score of 4-1 in the 24th round of the Mozzart Bet Super League of Serbia.

The scorers for Vojvodina were Malbašić in the ninth from the penalty, Zukić in the 18th and 58th and Uroš Nikolić in the 64th minute.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Radnički: Stevanović, Yamkam, Mićin (from 62nd Pavlović), Đurišić (from 33rd Pejović), Belaković, Marjanović, Cvetković, Varga (from 46th Etongou), Savić (from 33rd Stojanović), Mesarović, Petrov.

Vojvodina: Carević, Lazarević, Vitas, Traore, Đorđević, Zukić (from 73rd Milošević), Topić, Čumić (from 83rd Baraye), Simić (from 73rd Busnić), Malbašić, N. Nikolić (from 46th U. Nikolić).

Already in the sixth minute after a corner kick, Vojvodina had an opportunity through Traore, and in the same action Savić dragged Vitas, and a signal came from the VAR room for referee Srđan Jovanović to review the situation. The main arbiter judged that the Radnički player knocked down the Vojvodina central back with an illegal move and pointed to the penalty spot, and the responsibility was taken by Malbašić, who shot in the middle for 0-1.

Radnički could have equalized already in the 14th minute, Vitas’ attempt to pass was intercepted by Mićin, He came out to Carević, but goalkeeper of Voša intervened with his legs and saved the net.

Four minutes later, Vojvodina scored a second goal. Čumić crossed from the right flank, Nemanja Nikolić did not manage to catch the ball well, Zukić waited at the second post and hit under the crossbar with a shot for 0-2.

After Voša’s second goal, the tempo dropped a little, the home team tried to get back into the match, coach Nenad Lalatović made a double substitution in the 33rd minute to change the rhythm of his team. Radnički threatened for the first time more seriously than Mićin’s chance in the 37th minute when Belaković’s shot from the right side was saved by Carević, and then a minute later his attempt was blocked by Traore with his head.

In the 42nd minute, Vojvodina made a quick counterattack, Čumić dragged the ball for a long time, played past Nikolić who returned it to him, but his shot was stopped by Stevanović.

As soon as the second half started, in the 47th minute, Čumić had a great opportunity to score a goal for 0-3. Čumić avoided offside and ran away from Radnički’s defense, his first shot was saved by Stevanović with his foot, and then he ran into the rebound, but this time Stojanović intervened in front of the goal line.

Vojvodina deservedly scored the third goal in the 58th minute. Uroš Nikolić played past Simić on the edge of the penalty area, the latter unselfishly passed the ball to Zukić, who scored his second goal of the match for 0-3.

Only six minutes later, Voša reached the fourth goal through Uroš Nikolić. After a counterattack, Simić entered the middle from the left flank, his shot was blocked, but the ball came straight to Nikolić, who beat his keeper and hit the far corner for 0-4.

Voša could have easily reached the fifth goal, 10 minutes before the end, Malbašić unselfishly played past Čumić, who was a little too late to hit the empty corner.

Radnički managed to score an honorary goal in the 82nd minute. Petrov shot diagonally from the right side, Carević saved, but Belaković ran into the rebound for 1-4. The same player could have scored a second goal in the 87th minute, but the defense of Vojvodina successfully blocked his shot from 10 meters.

Voša kept the advantage until the end and took the fifth position in the table with 42 points, and in the next round on Sunday at 6 PM it will play against Voždovac away.