Football and humanity often go together, and one such action brought together many former legends who, years ago, brought numerous joys to the public in Serbia.

Miloš Krasić, Milan Lane Jovanović, Gojko Kačar, Milan Stepanov, Marko Jovanović, Igor Đurić, Nikola Žigić, Vujadin Savić, Marko Perović, Radovan Krivokapić, Milan Bogavac, brothers Nenad and Nebojša Marinković, Miloš Bogunović and many others arrived in Novi Sad in order to participate in a humanitarian tournament for Anastasia’s first step within the Pavlinjo organization.

Four teams of veterans from Vojvodina, Partizan, Red Star and Kabel gathered to determine the winner of the Novi Sad Trophy, but also for a far more important mission – collecting funds for little Anastasia and her first step.

The skills of the former aces of Serbian football brought a smile to the faces of all those present, and the trophy went to the players of Vojvodina in the photo-finish! Namely, Vojvodina and Partizan finished the competition with seven points each, Kabel had three, and Red Star remained without points, but Marko Perović’s goal against Partizan, eight seconds before the end, brought the title to Voša’s team, which in the end had a better goal difference than the team from Belgrade.

A truly spectacular day, and the organizer of this event, Miloš Pavlović, the popular Pavlinjo, revealed more about everything.

– I am the organizer of this humanitarian tournament, but I am not the initiator of the idea. The initiators are people from FK Kabel and the company Hermes from Novi Sad, which deals with the distribution of drinks. They were the patrons of this and the general sponsors, and without them the tournament would not have been possible. We wanted to help someone, and now it was little Anastasia – said Miloš Pavlović Pavlinjo.

The tournament brought together many legends, and everyone agreed that there should be far more events like this.

– I am extremely honored to be part of this event. I’m always here to respond, because it’s the least I can do, and I’m always here to support. It was a pleasure to put on this jersey again and play with my old friends – said Kačar.

Milan Jovanović continued his words.

– First of all, we have fulfilled one human obligation, and that is the least we can do. We combined the beautiful and the useful and after a long time we are back on the field with our former colleagues, so everything turned out really superb. It was very emotional to be on the field with Žiga and the others. I keep my memories very alive and I am always glad to see my former teammates. From organization to publicity, everything was at the top level – said Jovanović.

Miloš Krasić was also overjoyed, and he thanked Marko Perović for the goal that helped Vojvodina reach the cup.

– When there is an occasion like this, it is always nice to respond and we are all happy that we were able to respond to help little Anastasia. Surely we would all like to organize tournaments like this more often and to be able to help someone, even in this way. Kudos to the organizers and especially Pavlinjo for always finding time to organize such events. We are happy to see our colleagues from the clubs and the national team and we are waiting for the next meeting. It was phenomenal, I put on the Vojvodina jersey again, and I would like to thank Marko Perović for scoring a goal against Partizan in the last seconds and bringing us the trophy – said Krasić.

In the end, 150,000 dinars were collected for little Anastasia, and a large number of SMS messages were also sent. You too can help Anastasia take the first step in the following ways:

SMS 1315 to number 3030

Payment to dinar account: 160-6000001421725-61

Payment to foreign currency account: 160-6000001422099-06
IBAN: RS35160600000142209906