The coach of Vojvodina, Slavoljub Đorđević, said before the derby with Partizan that he expects another difficult match, but that he believes in his team.

The Old Lady will play the first competitive match in front of their fans on Sunday at 9 pm, after the draw with Red Star and the victory over Panevezys, and Đorđević is excited about his first appearance at Karađorđe.

– Another derby and another difficult match in this hellish schedule awaits us. We are playing against a team that showed an enviable level of form in the first round and last night in Europe, and I am sure that they are coming full of confidence. Once again, I want to congratulate my guys on the victory over Panevezys, it was not easy after Red Star to go on such a long journey and play a European game and win – said Đorđević.

His team will not have much time to rest, but Đorđević points out that they are aware of that from the very beginning of the season.

– It was an option to move the game in one day, we did not succeed in that, but we are moving on, we know from the beginning what our schedule is and that we have to adjust. We have enough time, we are aware from the first day that a fierce pace awaits us. The boys know that they need to play disciplined and brave again, and with God’s will, we hope for a positive result. We also have a problem with the number of players in rotation, but we will not whine, we are aware of whose jersey we are wearing and we know that we all have to give our best – Đorđević emphasized.

The coach of the Old Lady expects a different game from the one with the Red Star in the first round.

– It will not be easy, because Partizan is on a par with Red Star. They played well in the first round, last night they also showed that they are a serious team. We have our plan, but in matches the opponent is also asked. We know what we want, and we will see on Sunday after the game who will be better. Partizan plays direct football, they are good in transition, they are aggressive, they are different from Red Star. I know the way I want to play, but I also have to see how the guys feel and what kind of team I can take on the field. I will make a decision on the lineup before the game, we hope for the best – concluded Slavoljub Đorđević.