The coach of Vojvodina, Slavoljub Đorđević, is optimistic before the start of the new season and before the away match against Red Star in the first round of the Serbian Super League.

The Old Lady opens the new season on Friday at 8 pm at the Rajko Mitić stadium, and Đorđević expects another strong, disciplined and fighting game of his team.

– We are building optimism on what we could see in the preparation period. The boys have been training very well since the first day, they are positive, there is a good atmosphere. The team has been renovated, it takes a little patience, as we have created a balance between more experienced and younger players. Apart from the game against Maribor in which I had to mix the team, we were maximally disciplined and that is why I see no reason not to play the best we can in the first round against Red Star. We have the privilege to play in the first round at Marakana, where there will be a lot of spectators, who are returning to the stadium. I expect the boys to come out as bravely as we have played so far – said Đorđević.

He pointed out that the season starts on Friday, but that his team played real, competitive matches in the preparation period.

– Our entire preparation period is based on strong matches. A difficult schedule awaits us in the championship as well, which is why we chose such rivals in Slovenia. Only in such matches can the quality of the team be seen. We could have scheduled easier matches, where some flaws can be hidden, but our preparatory matches were real competitive, so the results were 0-0, 1-0, 2-0. As for the match with Maccabi, we had to play a little more disciplined and hard on counterattacks, and I believe that we would be more dangerous if we could count on Mića Vukadinović. That match is one of our models in those stronger matches and I don’t know if we will be able to conduct it in Belgrade, but I guarantee that we will do our best – Đorđević pointed out.

Coach of Voša underlined that the ambitions for the new season are in line with the size of the club.

– Vojvodina is a great club and its goals are always the biggest. We will fight to win both the championship and the Cup, but I don’t know if we will succeed in that. I know we will work and we will fight. I am always an optimist by character and I want to convey that to the players as well. The Red Star has perhaps the strongest team in the last 10 years, it will have the audience on its side and it will be very difficult, even the tradition is on their side. I would not like to talk about the second round, but I can only say that we will go for win in every match – says Đorđević.

He is satisfied with the new players who arrived this summer, but he believes that by the end of the transfer window, the club will further strengthen the competition in some positions.

– Stevanović and Busnić came at the beginning, and then during the preparations in Slovenia, Bastajić and Cucin arrived. The policy of the club is a little different now and we want to bring only the right reinforcements, and not to accumulate players. We have some more ideas, we need two or three more players, the director of the club is working on that and I am convinced that we will solve that in the next period as well – said Đorđević.

As for the playing staff and the lineup for the match in Belgrade, the final decision has not been made yet, because there are slightly injured players.

– We had small bad luck again, so we will make the final decision on the lineup today after training. Kovačević felt pain in his muscles, but he is feeling well. Topić also complained about the injury, so we will have to wait and see what the situation is today – Slavoljub Đorđević concluded.