Vojvodina coach Slavoljub Đorđević expects a great fight until the end of the championship and believes that his team did not deserve a defeat by TSC.

Tonight, Vojvodina tied its third championship defeat, at Karađorđe it was defeated by TSC with the result 1-0.

– Every defeat hurts, but this one in particular, because the third one is tied on the club’s birthday. Again, some things happened to us again, we conceded a goal from one chance and lost. In all three of these defeats, the guys played well, but this is football and sometimes some unforeseen things happen. Let’s move on, correct the mistakes and start winning – said Đorđević.

He believes that his team had a chance to solve the match earlier and take the lead, and then the away team’s goal followed.

– We missed the goal, we played high, solid, open, in the first half we hit the post, in the second we continued to press and I expected to score at any moment. And then we made a mistake in the last line, but we should not criticize Jeličić. He made a mistake, but he is still a real guy and a player for Vojvodina – Đorđević pointed out.

Coach of Voša expects a fierce fight for the playoffs and placement in Europe by the end of the season.

– We have 12 more games, all teams are fighting for the playoffs, everyone can end up in the playoffs and that is proof that there are no easy matches and that is great for Serbian football. If we look at the table and the points, it would be said that we are in trouble now, but I believe in these guys. In the first part of the season, we were in an even more difficult situation, so I believe that we will rise even now – Đorđević concluded.