Vojvodina coach Slavoljub Đorđević is satisfied after his team’s victory over Kolubara, but he believes that his players still have space for improvement.

The Old Lady tonight beat Kolubara with the result 2-1 on her Karađorđe, and Đorđević is especially proud of the number of players from the Youth Academy who were on the field tonight.

– Kolubara is an experienced team that wants to play football and that is how we prepared for the game. We wanted to play high, to play aggressively, we scored two goals and the only thing that worries me a little is that we don’t close the game at 2-0, but we enter an uncertain ending. However, congratulations to my guys, because a difficult period is behind them, and tonight they finally managed to tie another triumph. What makes me especially happy is that we finished today’s match with seven players from the Youth Academy of Vojvodina, and the previous game with one less. Those children have quality and my heart is full when so many players from the Youth Academy are on the field. I want them to continue in the same rhythm – said Đorđević.

Coach of Voša also referred to the fact that tonight, after almost three months, he had all his players at his disposal.

– From the first of July, this is the first time that we had all the players together. Đorđević returned today after a three-month break, and regardless of the fact that he is experienced and what is expected of him, he played very well. And I congratulate him on this occassion. Simić was in question, because he hit the heel against Radnik, and he played without training today. This morning he tried and he decided to play and it came back to him, God rewarded him with a goal. Vladimir Kovačević was a standard player, but he did something he shouldn’t have done in one game and I punished him, but I don’t give up on him. He apologized to the team and the coaching staff, but we will see when we will return him – Đorđević emphasized.

The Manager of the Old Lady emphasized the importance of victory, but he wants to reduce some mistakes of the team to a minimum.

– I am satisfied when we win, but we have to correct some things again. We are receiving goals from the counter, that happened to us in Subotica as well, similar situations happened to us against Metalac and we have to correct those mistakes. The most important thing is to win, beacuse if you lose, and you play well, no one benefits from that – Đorđević concluded.

In the next round, Vojvodina will play against TSC in Bačka Topola, and that match is on the program on Saturday at 4 p.m.