Vojvodina’s coach Slavoljub Đorđević praised his team after the victory over Gorica for the end of preparations in Slovenia.

The Old Lady beat Gorica 2-0 and closed the preparations in the best possible way, and Đorđević is satisfied with the work and discipline of his team.

– It is difficult to play the last game in the preparations, and the guys have shown that they are true professionals. Yesterday we had two training sessions, four very important players were injured, we do not have enough rotation. These guys played well both this and the last game against strong opponents. It is nice when you finish the preparations with a victory against a competitively strong team such as Gorica – said Đorđević.

The coach of Vojvodina is also happy that two newcomers, Cucin and Bastajić, stood out today.

– They were the last to join us and we are glad that Cucin assisted today, and Bastajić scored a goal. In this difficult situation, where we have a problem with the right central back and left back, every player means something to us, but I hope that we will solve that soon – said Đorđević.

In the end, he pointed out that only injuries spoiled the impression of preparations in Slovenia.

– I would be very satisfied with the preparations if there were no injuries. The behavior and discipline of these guys was at the highest level. We have a difficult period ahead of us, a lot of work, but as I said on the first day when I came, I believe in this team. The team will win the matches in the championship. I hope that Stevanović and Topić will return soon, we are waiting for the championship and Europe, and I believe that we will make a great success – concluded Đorđević.