The coach of Vojvodina, Slavoljub Đorđević, believes that his team entered the game badly again and that this later influenced the outcome of the situation in the draw with Metalac.

The Old Lady today drew with the team from Gornji Milanovac with the result 2-2, after chasing the score twice.

– Congratulations to my colleague on a great game, which he prepared well. We knew that Metalac is an unpleasent team. Last season, they beat Vojvodina, and once they drew. We prepared the match well, but when we receive two goals like that, after mistakes, it is very difficult to come back. We succeeded once, and even the second time, but we lacked luck. We have again made those incomprehensible individual mistakes that we have to work on. We entered the match badly again on the psychological level. The first half was very bad for us, as well as in Kruševac. My players have a great desire, but they have to withstand the pressure and they will be right – said Đorđević.

He pointed out that the fatigue of individuals affected the composition of the team and that it also had an impact on the game of Vojvodina.

– We had a problem because of five members of the national team, because some came two days before the game and we could not let them play from the beginning. We saw that today. Topić had to play, because he is a bonus. Kabić was ill in the first week with the national team, and Bjeković was pushed into the fire after that unpleasant injury. He went to play for the national team, it was very difficult for him there too and I was not allowed to let him play. The guys who trained these two weeks played, they worked well and I can’t say that they didn’t do their best. We missed those little things to have a positive result. Čović asked me for a change because he did not see well in his right eye and we tried with Mrkaić, Kabić, Nešković… I wanted to win today, but we did not succeed in that – Đorđević points out.

Boris Kopitović also made his debut today.

– Kopitović is an experienced and proven player. I wanted us to be patient with him and that is why he did not play in Kruševac, so that he could work with us for two weeks and adopt all the demands we expect from him. He made some individual mistakes, but the guy doesn’t need to be beheaded for one game. We should stay positive, the results will come – Đorđević emphasized.

He finally answered the question about the potential last reinforcement at the end of the transfer window.

– I have repeatedly said that we want reinforcements in the position of striker. They are offering us some players, the director is working on that and I am optimistic that we will bring the right reinforcement for Vojvodina by the end of next week – Đorđević concluded.