In the second friendly match in the preparations in Slovenia, Vojvodina was defeated by Maribor with the result 4-1 (2-0).

After the match, the Manager of Vojvodina, Slavoljub Đorđević, addressed the public, emphasizing that it is important to have patience in creating a new team.

– I congratulate Maribor on the deserved victory, but except for their performance, the rest I would not comment much. We played with two different teams, because this is only our second game and we didn’t want to play with the strongest team. Maribor is in the final phase of preparations, they are far more ready than us. The result is not so much in the foreground, but it does matter when you lose. This defeat is not good for us, but it is for better analysis and to intensify the work, because I am sure that we will be good soon – said Đorđević.

The Old Lady scored two goals in the preparations in Slovenia, and the double scorer was Uroš Kabić, who got a new role – the central striker.

– Kaba scored two goals and he is certainly doing well. However, I don’t like to emphasize someone in particular, because it is the team that stands out the individual. Thank God that he scored a goal, because he is a talented guy and he will progress even more in the future. From the first day, I think that he can play central forward and we will work on improving him – Đorđević pointed out.

In the end, he commented on the debut of newcomer Cucin and underlined that this was the most difficult week in the preparations, and that patience is necessary.

– Cucin played his first game, we are still not adapting enough to some changes and that has affected him as well. It takes a little more time, I’m sure he will fit in soon. In the coming period, we will work much more on the mechanism of the game and tactics, because that is our biggest problem. Our legs are heavy, this is the hardest week of preparations, so I had to rotate. The players should be judged when they play for 90 minutes. This team has great potential – concluded Slavoljub Đorđević.

In the next preparatory match, Voša will play against the Slovenian champion Mura, on Wednesday, June 30, at 6 p.m.