Vojvodina coach Slavoljub Đorđević does not blame his team after the first defeat of the season.

After the draw with Red Star and the victory over Panevezys, the Old Lady lost to Partizan tonight with the result 0-2 at its Karađorđe.

– Another in a series of derbies, this time God did not look at us. We got a quick goal, it happened to us in the preparation period, but we returned to the match. We should have been a little braver, because Partizan did not surprise us with anything today. We have not been able to implement what we have prepared for today. We entered the second half braver, then we conceded the second goal the way we conceded, but that also happens. All in all, I generally don’t blame the players for anything, such things happen in big games. The nuances then decide, our confusion in the defense decided, if we hadn’t conceded that second goal, we might have come back. We are in a difficult rhythm, but we will get up and move on – said Đorđević.

The coach of Vojvodina once again underlined the problem with the number of players in the rotation, and the lack of Miljan Vukadinović and new reinforcements.

– We will have reinforcements when Mića Vukadinović returns. He should start training with the team from Monday, and I hope that he will be on the field very soon. We have a weak rotation, especially on defense. When someone plays weaker, you can’t replace him, but I’m not looking for an alibi. When you lose the coach is to blame, and the players bring victories. I think that players can play every three days, no matter what the schedule is, but we need reinforcements. I have said many times that I will not bring anyone just to say that we have strengthened. The injuries that happened to us are mechanical, pure God’s will, which have nothing to do with the way we work – Đorđević pointed out.

Vojvodina is expecting a new difficult match in four days, since it will meet Panevezys in the second leg of the second round of qualifications for the Conference League on Thursday.

– We have three days to get ready, that’s enough time. We will see who is tired and whether anyone else was injured, since several of them complained of some minor injuries even now after the game. We will put the team together with what we have, because I really believe in these guys. We are going to the next match with what we have. The beginning of the game is always important to us. Tonight we entered a little timidly, which may be a bit of a matter of psychological preparation, but we will work on that as well – Đorđević concluded.