After the placement of his team in the eighth finals of the Serbian Cup, the Manager of Vojvodina, Slavoljub Đorđević, stated that his players took today’s rival seriously and deservedly passed to the next phase of the competition.

Today, Vojvodina beat Jagodina 5-1 (2-1), in the 1/16 finals of the Serbian Cup.

– Congratulations to Jagodina on a great game and fight. It’s a big club, a good city and they really deserve to be in the Super League, so I sincerely want my colleagues to return there as soon as possible. The cup is a specific competition and no opponent can be underestimated, because there is no extraction and mostly those smaller teams profit. What makes me happy is that the guys took the game very seriously and respected the opponent. They gave us a goal, so there was some nervousness, which is normal, but we had a clear goal, were patient and scored two goals in the first half. We entered the second half even stronger, with more self-confidence and scored on time. I am glad that I made five changes and that some guys, who have played less so far, played 90 minutes, because that will mean a lot to their self-confidence. Congratulations to my guys on passing and I want them to continue in this rhythm – says Đorđević.

Already on Monday, Voša is expecting a championship match against the city rival Proleter.

– I have a lot of respect for Proleter and I think it is one of the healthiest clubs in the Super League. I am very glad that they are making results like this. It will certainly be uncertain and difficult, but we will do everything to win that game – Đorđević points out.

Today, Proleter was eliminated in the 1/16 finals of the Serbian Cup, as it was defeated by OFK Bačka in Bačka Palanka.

– Čukarički, Voždovac were also eliminated… In the Cup, if you enter the match a little weaker and underestimate your opponent, you will be eliminated and the whole season may fail. That is why I am glad that my guys were very aware of that, and when you respect your opponent and do your best, the result must come. I don’t know in which squad Proleter played and whether they had ambitions to play in the Cup. But, it is a serious opponent and it is led by serious people, who invest a lot – said Đorđević.

The match of the 15th round of the Serbian Super League between Proleter and Vojvodina will be played on Monday at Karađorđe, starting at 6 p.m.