The sad news happened to FK Vojvodina, after the former long-term doctor of the Old Lady, Dr. Vladimir Galetić (1947-2022), passed away yesterday, at the age of 75.

Dr. Galetić was the doctor of all selections of FK Vojvodina for many years, and he was also a part of the staff of the first team in 1989, when Voša won her last championship title.

As an extremely respected and professional surgeon and sports doctor, he was the director of the Clinic for Pediatric Surgery and the head of the Emergency Center of KCV, a member of the European Association for Pain Therapy Europain and a member of the International Association of Sports Medicine F.I.M.S.

Also, at one time he was a doctor of the Yugoslav national team, at the time when the function of Manager was performed by the recently deceased Ivica Osim.

Dr. Galetić is the author of the books “Sport and Health” and “With the Blues to the End” and the winner of the recognition of the cities of Rhodes, Liege and Monaco.

The funeral of Dr. Vladimir Galetić will take place on Tuesday at 3 pm at the City Cemetery in Novi Sad.

FK Vojvodina expresses its sincere and deep condolences to his family, friends, the Football Association of Serbia and everyone who knew him.