Vojvodina midfielder, 35-year-old Nikola Drinčić, yesterday extended his contract with the club until June 2021. In this way, this great footballer will remain among the red and whites in the next season too, in which, if it continues with good results, the Old Lady will once again play in the qualifications for the Europa League.

This is certainly good news for Drinčić himself, but also for his teammates, coach Lalatović and all Vojvodina fans.

– I would like to express my gratitude to everyone at the club for offering me a contract extension, because it means that they are satisfied with my performances as much as I am happy with my stay in Vojvodina. When I came here, I secretly hoped that in Vojvodina I would be able to finish my career and, well, I’m glad that it will probably be so – says Drinčić.

By extending his contract with the club, he has shown that he believes in this team of Vojvodina, as well as in the achievement of its future goals.

– This team can certainly play better, and I also said when I came here that Vojvodina has a serious and quality team. However, it took time for us all to get to know each other, unite and instill in ourselves that winning mentality. In the last two years, Vojvodina has been far from fighting for Europe, but now, as time goes on, we are getting closer to joining the European scene. Also, if we have already set out as a goal that we want to play in the qualifiers for the Europa League, it is very important that we also be competitive there, and not just satisfy ourselves with participating in the first round. That is why I would like this whole story to be further upgraded, so that we be even stronger next season than we are now – Drinčić points out.

However, in order to achieve participation in Europe, Voša must continue with good results, which is not so easy at all. As a matter of fact, this Saturday, it expects a traditionally uncomfortable away game against Rad in Belgrade.

– I played for Rad six months and I know that it is a team which has a winning mentality, in the sense that everyone in the club really lives for their club to win. It is difficult for every team in the league when it comes to Banjica, and so it will be for us. Compared to some previous seasons, Rad now has a little rejuvenated team, but there are still some experienced players in the squad, such as Kasalica, Trifunović… It will not be easy, but this season we have already shown that we are especially good at playing away. We have our goal and we will do our best to achieve it – said Drinčić.

The match between Rad and Vojvodina will be played on Saturday at the stadium Kralj Petar I in Belgrade, starting at 4 pm.