The players of Vojvodina FC ended the season with the victory after defeating the team of Mladost from Lučani at Karađorđe today, with the result 1:0.

With this triumph, and the draw of Radnički 1923 in Humska with Partizan, Vojvodina ended this season at the fourth place, which brings her placement to the second round of qualifications for the Europa League.

The only goal for Voša was scored by Uroš Nikolić from a free kick in the 38th minute.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: Carević, Bjeković (from the 60th Lazarević), Korać, Crnomarković, Đorđević, Petrović, Nikolić (from the 73rd Savićević), Radulović (from the 88th Jovanović), Vukanović, Sery (from the 46th Campbell), Ivanović (from the 88th Zukić).

Mladost: Stamenković (from the 74th Matijašević), Alempijević, Ćirković, Divac, Leković, Pejović, Varjačić (from the 74th Petrović), Veličković, Žunić, Ćurković.

Voša started offensively from the first minute, and in the 17th minute Korać strongly shot from the distance, and the goalkeeper Stamenković had to box the ball out in order to save the net.

Voša attacked again in the 29th minute, when Petrović passed to Ivanović, and he positioned himself and with the left foot shot into the further angle, but Stamenković pushed the ball into the corner with a parade. After a kick from the angle, Crnomarković head kicked the ball from a difficult position, and over the bar.

However, in 38th minute Stamenković couldn’t do a thing, because Uroš Nikolić set a free kick and from the 23 meters shot for 1:0!

Božidar Bandović was forced to make the first change at halftime, due to the injured Sery, who went to the dressing room and was replaced by Campbell.

Mladost made their first more serious threat in the 49th minute when Alempijević found himself in front of the goal, but his shot was stopped by the excellent Carević.

In the 58th minute Voša performed a beautiful action on the left side, Campbell passed to Nikolić, and Nikolić to Radulović, who shot over the bar from a better position.

Two minutes later, the goal post saved Mladost, Petrović shot greatly from the distance, but hit the right goal post of the net.

From the 65th until 70th minute Voša had three big chances, but Stamenković intervened excellently in all three cases. He first stopped an excellent attempt by Ivanović from some 7 meters, then after a corner from the second goal post Đorđević also shot, and then with a parade caught a kick by Campbell from the distance.

Even though Stamenković was replaced by Matijašević in the finish, he also excellently stopped an attempt by Radulović in the 85th minute, who shot the first angle from some 7 meters.

Until the end, there were no result changes, so Vojvodina ended this season with 61 points, just as much as Radnički 1923 has, but because of the better placement in the regular part of the season, Voša is now at the fourth position on the scoreboard. Vojvodina will start the next season from the second round of qualifications for the Europa League.