Being a Vojvodina fan has been an honor and a privilege for more than a century.

Since 1914, under the blue star, the most beautiful sports miracles have been happening in a red-and-white jersey, which leads all those whose hearts beat for the red-and-white color of the Old Lady to a sense of common belonging and pride. Pride that belongs to the colors that have always and above all held the idea of ​​sports and fair play competition. This is the spirit that motivated the fans of Vojvodina to unite their dreams and ideals in the inn near Sava Dotlić one evening, back in 1937, in founding the Club of Friends of FK Vojvodina.

From then until today, the Vojvodina family has become home to other athletes and enriched its treasury with trophies from many sports, which is just one of the many reasons for pride and joy of all those who gathered tonight in the hall of the Master Center of Novi Sad Fair. Friends of FK Vojvodina, with the cooperation and support of FK Vojvodina, organized a ceremony called “Evening under the Blue Star” – a ceremony that once again showed the greatness of the Vojvodina family.

In addition to representatives of SD Vojvodina clubs, sponsors, friends and fans of FK Vojvodina, tonight’s event was enhanced by numerous distinguished guests, including the Deputy Mayor of Novi Sad Milan Đurić, former celebrated football players of Vojvodina Miloš Krasić, Željko Brkić, Gojko Kačar and Mijat Gaćinović, former basketball representative of our country and new president of KK Vojvodina Željko Rebrača, volleyball Olympic medal winners Vasa Mijić and Đorđe Đurić and many others…

The participants were first greeted by the President of the FK Vojvodina Friends Club Nenad Miljuš, after which the President of FK Vojvodina Dragoljub Zbiljić addressed them, expressing satisfaction to see so many Vojvodina fans in one place and noting that everyone who considers himself part of Voša’s family should always and everywhere proudly to emphasize their affiliation with the red and white color of Vojvodina, and at the same time everyone who is part of any club from the sports association Vojvodina must always do their best for the club they represent, which was greeted by great applause from those present.

After that, the children’s choir of the Serbian National Theater caused great sympathy and even greater applause of the audience, who sang the famous and well-known song of Garavi sokak “Hey, hey, Vojvodina” very emotionally and with a full heart, as a tribute to the generations that brought glory to the Old Lady decades back.

That the successes of the clubs from SD Vojvodina are not only the past, but also the present, is shown by the six trophies won last season, which, exhibited next to each other, proudly showed the splendor and greatness of Voša’s sports association. Last season, the trophies were won by the volleyball club Vojvodina (title), the handball club Vojvodina (title and All-Serbian Cup), the hockey club Vojvodina (title) and the women’s water polo club Vojvodina (title and Cup). Representatives of these clubs were also presented with special awards by the FK Vojvodina Friends Club, and they were presented by the president of the FKV Friends Club, Nenad Miljuš.

After the award ceremony, children from the choir of the Serbian National Theater came on stage again, performing an interesting recitation of the song “Blue Star” by the famous Serbian poet Miroslav Mika Antić, who was a big fan and lover of the Old Lady.

At the end of the official part of the protocol, the president of SD Vojvodina, also the general director of FK Vojvodina Dušan Bajatović, addressed the audience, announcing a complete reorganization of Voša’s sports association, with the goal of better mutual cooperation, connection and easier problem solving in the future, so that the treasuries of all clubs bearing the name Vojvodina will be full, to the joy and pride of all those who selflessly keep their love for Vojvodina in their hearts and pass it on from generation to generation.

After the official part of the evening, the socializing continued with a cocktail, in a cordial, cheerful and family atmosphere, as befits clubs that make up a large Vojvodina family.