Five members of the Ilija Pantelić Youth Academy signed professional contracts with Vojvodina today in the premises of FC Vujadin Boškov.

Professional contracts until June 2025 were signed by – goalkeeper Andrej Borak (2005), central back Marko Pavić (2005), midfielder Ognjen Kostadinović (2005), attacking midfielder Dario Janjić (2005) and winger Mihajlo Butraković (2006).

The president of FK Vojvodina Dragoljub Zbiljić congratulated the players of Voša’s Youth Academy on signing professional contracts and told them to continue enjoying the magical game of football regardless.

– I congratulate you all on the well-deserved contracts, and now continue to play, enjoy the game, because football is a magical game and you should not forget that. Of course, follow the instructions of the coaches, but above all you should still enjoy yourself on the field. Learn to win and lose and take it on your shoulders. You have people behind you who will give you all the necessary instructions and take care of you in the best possible way. Do your best and everything will be as it should be – said the President of Vojvodina, Dragoljub Zbiljić.

The director of the Ilija Pantelić Youth Academy, Duško Grujić, pointed out that this is proof of how much Vojvodina thinks of its young players.

– This is just a confirmation and continuation of everything we have been doing in previous years at the Youth Academy. By the fact that these players have signed professional contracts, the club has shown how much it counts on them in the future. Of course, it is up to them to continue working and developing and showing the talent they possess. That talent now needs to be upgraded in order to become quality for the first team of Vojvodina. Luka Drobnjak started training with the first team yesterday, I think Bukinac and Vanja Apostolovski will soon too, which proves that we have excellent cooperation with the first team – said the director of the Youth Academy Ilija Pantelić Duško Grujić.