In the third round of the Super League of Serbia, the 67th Vojvodina derby against Spartak awaits the players of Vojvodina on Sunday at 9 PM at Karađorđe and there is no doubt that the stands of Voša Stadium will again be very well filled, just as it was the case in the first two rounds.

Moreover, the Vojvodina derby is expected to have an even larger number of spectators than before, due to the good results and the game of the red and white team, and due to the fact that the football club Vojvodina has prepared new amenities and surprises for its fans for this match.

Namely, everyone who comes to the game against Spartak wearing FK Vojvodina’s logo (jersey, shirt, scarf, etc.) will be able to enter the east stand for free, but they will have to collect a ticket at the box office first. Also, everyone who comes to the match against Spartak will receive a special gift from FK Vojvodina, about which the public will be informed in more detail the day after the match, and that is why everyone who will attend the Vojvodina derby is urged to save their ticket, because that way earn the right to a convenience with which they will be pleasantly surprised.

The Vojvodina football club also uses this opportunity to express its regret for the fact that a large number of spectators waited in line for a long time when buying tickets for the previous match against Mladost GAT, but also feels the need to emphasize that the host of that match and the organizer of the entire event, including the ticket sales, was the football club Mladost GAT, and that the football club Vojvodina was in no way, nor could be, involved in the way of selling tickets, which for that game was done through only one box office.

As for the match against Spartak, which will be hosted by FK Vojvodina, tickets will be sold at three ticket offices:

– tickets for the west will be sold at the main box office of the stadium (between the west and south stands) on match day from 6 pm, at a price of 400 dinars;
– tickets for the east will be sold and picked up at the box office in the east tribune (next to the Ognjište restaurant) on match day from 6 p.m., at a price of 200 dinars (tickets for the east can be picked up free of charge by anyone who comes wearing the FK Vojvodina sign)
– tickets for the North will be sold in the Vojvodina fan shop on the west stand of Karađorđe on match day from 7 PM at a price of 100 dinars.

Also, although tickets for this match will be sold at three box offices, FK Vojvodina certainly appeals to its fans to buy a ticket early and enter the stadium, in order to avoid unnecessary crowds when entering, considering that for the western and eastern stands their full capacity will be put on sale.

Sunday, 9 p.m.