Vojvodina footballers will have their training on Monday at FC Vujadin Boškov in Veternik. This decision was made after the Serbian government eased protection measures against the spread of the corona virus, but that does not mean that red and whites will be able to train the same as before the state of emergency.

According to Vladimir Čolaković, doctor of Vojvodina, the trainings will be conducted with the utmost care and compliance with all safety regulations.

– From Monday, our players will train again at FC Vujadin Boškov, but with full and consistent respect of all measures and recommendations of the Government of Serbia regarding holding outdoor training. Among other things, this means that a maximum of 12 people will be able to be on the pitch at the same time, by which I mean on nine players, a coach and two more persons from coaching or technical staff – says Čolaković.

Also, there is a special procedure for entering FC Vujadin Boškov.

– All players, members of the coaching staff and employees will have to go through the so-called disi-barrier when entering the training center, after which their temperature will be measured, and then they will have to disinfect their hands and put on a protection mask. That way, we will do everything we can to keep the virus out of the gates of our training center – said Čolaković.

The first training of Voša’s players at FC Vujadin Boškov after the state of emergency has been declared is scheduled for 11 am on Monday and will be closed for public. FK Vojvodina informs the sports public that, despite the training of the first team will again be held in Veternik, the internal protection measures declared by the club will still be in effect.

First of all, this means that the restaurant and kitchen at FC Vujadin Boškov will continue to be closed, and that only those employees whose physical presence is necessary for the functioning of the club in the current circumstances will continue to come to work. Also, entering in FC Vujadin Boškov will still be prohibited all persons who do not work there, including media representatives.

The statements of the players, coaches and officials of FK Vojvodina can only be obtained by telephone or outside FC Vujadin Boškov, and all additional information can be obtained via the email address pr@fcvojvodina.co.rs. Vojvodina Football Club implores media representatives to understand this decision, which is in the interest of maintaining the health and safety of all of us.